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Joma Total Fit Review

Joma Total Fit football boot

Joma has created something quiet unique with the Total Fit by simply going back to the basics of creating a classic soccer cleat. At first glance, the Total Fit looks like a pretty simple cleat, very plain and ordinary – without any added elements. But the fact that they are created from a single piece of K-Leather makes them unlike any other boot on the market. I wore a size 9US in the black version for testing, and had the opportunity to wear them in around 6-8 training’s and 2 games.

Breaking In
The Joma Total Fit breaks in as sweet as a nut. From day 1, they feel great to run in. I recently saw an interview with Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina who stated that they were one of the most comfortable boots he had ever worn, and I tend to agree with that statement. The fact that these boots are made from one piece of leather has a lot to do with the comfort. Having one piece means that there is less stitching and less loosening up to be achieved. In essence, these boots are designed to start molding to your foot from day 1. It is always nice to go through your first training session feeling like you have been wearing them for a while, and that is exactly how these were. I never felt the need to change out of them, in fact I was tempted on occasion to wear them home (not really.)

I am normally a size 9US, and wore a size 9US for this review. The Total Fit fits a little long and slightly narrow, but unless you are a small size 9 (have about a finger width of room in a size 9) I would stick with ordering your normal size. I actually enjoyed the fit as they easily mold to the shape of your foot.

Joma Total Fit football boot

Joma Total Fit

Technology and Design
Joma has created a new multi-stud design that is lightweight and fixed with a more narrow arch than in previous models. Ten studs line the forefront, with 4 on either side and 2 in the middle. The design allows for complete protection round 360 degrees of the foot. You also get the one piece leather design, which I am thoroughly impressed with! Joma use one piece of leather that wrap your whole foot. The only stitching that exists is on the outer joining of the leather, so the cleat is completely smooth all the way around to the back of the cleat. There are no fancy elements or added features, you are getting one piece of k-leather attached to a sole-plate, with some laces to keep them on your feet. Plain and simple. But again, don’t let this fool you, there is a lot of quality involved! The current range comes in two colorways, a straight up black and a plain white. They have that old school look about them.

Because the leather is so soft, I found that when I left them in my boot bag and they were leaning against something else, they actually sort of folded in. Lets be honest, knowing your leather is that soft and responsive is a great thing (it will mold to your feet!) My solution was to use shoe horns (or just stuffing the toes with paper is sufficient) to keep them in shape. Another issue is the tongue, and I found I had to tie my laces over them to keep them in place. Again, not a huge issue but it is worth noting.

I like these boots because of their simplicity. So many companies are currently trying to add new features to their boots, make them lighter or add safety elements. Joma keep it simple, and go back to a classic look in doing so. Weighing in at 9.4oz, these are a perfect compliment to any player on the field from the back line to forwards. They can’t be classified as a Power boot, or a Speed boot, they are more of a hybrid! If you are in the market for a pretty simple boot that will fit well and is not flashy, definitely consider the Joma Total Fit as an option.

*To really understand the quality of the leather, click on the images to enlarge them

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  1. Damn I am in love with them. Do you have any idea if there are indoor ones coming out? I think they won't really convince pro footballers sponsored by adidas or nike and they don't have any 'power' technologies. …but they seem to be perfect futsal shoes.

  2. wow Bryan you have unique lacing style 😀

    I love this boots they fit perfectly and comfy, eventhough bit longer. Better than nike legend IMO. but now am in love with laser III.

    anyway I keep them better than any boots I have now.

  3. Probably the most looked past, underrated cleat on the market!! who wouldn't want that much k leather??!!

    cmon fellas, this is a true footballing boot here.

  4. Bryan,

    you writed that they're quiet narrow. But what do you think – will they mould to wide foot?

  5. Bryan, How do you lace your cleats? it looks interesting, I've seen drogba do something similar to this with his superfly's.

  6. Greg,

    It depends on the pair and how many holes there are for the laces! With these, I did the skip 1 – skip 2 technique!

  7. Bryan do you use that technique becuase the laces aren't long enough? Or any other reason?

  8. how many does the cleat weigh?

  9. these shoes are unreallllll just got them and they fit like a dream. they fit sleightly on the long side but i did not find them to be considered narrow. Best boot iv bought in a while. if you like K-leather i RECOMEND these!

  10. —> SIZE: I'm a big-10US (e.g. a size-10US Adipure3 leaves less than half a centimeter of room left AFTER broken-in… before they broke-in, they were really really tight).

    —> QUESTION: Will a size-10US do for these?

    • soccercleats101

      The Total Fit fits a little long and slightly narrow, but unless you are a small size 9 (have about a finger width of room in a size 9) I would stick with ordering your normal size.

    • Dude that would be painful to have only 5mm of room in front. You must like have your toes all cramped up. I've tried these shoes, they were too narrow and long for my liking.

  11. Anyone have an opinion of these shoes compared to Nike tiempo Legend iv and Mizuno Morelia MD?

    hope for an answer 😀

  12. can anyone compare the sizes of these ones? For instance against copa mundials and tiempo legend iv etc. I have different sizes for different shoes… thnx

  13. If you had a choice of joma total fit at $90 or puma king finale i at $84, (for a narrow flat foo), which would you choose?

  14. I would disagree about the sizing and go down at least half a size and maybe even a full size unless you have very wide fit they fit extremely long almost to the point of not being wearable in my usual size.

  15. This product is beautifull.

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