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Puma King XL Unity

Last week it was new releases in the V1.10 and the PowerCat ranges. This week, it is a new version of their coveted Puma King XL Unity that has been attracting attention around the globe. This is primarily because of their design and roll in sending a unique message of ‘Unity’ to soccer fans around the world before the ‘Big Show’ in South Africa this summer! The colors used by Puma in both releases are very distinct and are designed to represent the diversity and culture of Africa. I am not sure that there are many other cleats out right now that are so vividly colorful as these pairs!
Puma King XL Unity Black Puma King XL Unity Black
When you buy a pair of Puma King XL Unity boots you are contributing to helping Puma distribute African made soccer balls to regions throughout the continent. Puma have a huge share in the African soccer market, and are sure to be one of the more prominent companies featured at the World Cup. This, in a sense, is there way of giving back by helping to invest in African jobs, while also offering free soccer balls to the young aspiring soccer players. Every little bit counts and I think this is a great idea.
Puma King XL Unity White Puma King XL Unity White
Late last year, I reviewed the Puma King XL Italia and even though I am behind this project, I am not a huge fan of the cleat itself. For me it is too bulky, takes time to break in and to be honest is not what I look for in a cleat. With that being said, there will be many of you that are Puma King XL fans, and I am interested to hear your take on these new designs.

You can order a pair of Puma King XL Unity right now!

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  1. Look damn awful, you don't buy shoes for their design, but these are ugly and pretty bad ones.

  2. i like the powercats more, because the design of this boot look like crap.

    the powercat is the nicest boot of the whole puma collection.

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