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Nike Zoom T-7 - Play Hard, Play Fast - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Nike Zoom T-7 – Play Hard, Play Fast

The Nike Zoom T-7 is one of the most specifically perfected shoe available on the market. After much time testing and developing, Nike released the T-7 in an indoor (FS) and a turf (CT) version early last year. Made from a super soft Kangaroo leather, the T-7 Nike Zoom T-7 CThas some unique attributes like the front toe punt technology that aids in improving ball control. They are ideal for small sided games where touch and control are vitally important. I haven’t tested them, so I can’t give the thumbs up or down, but from from what I have read and the videos I have watched they do seem appealing for any small sided games. Arsenal’s Denilson and Liverpool’s Javier Macherano are featured in the video as they helped in the development and creation of the shoe.

The video discusses the process Nike took before getting to the finished product. After watching the video, check out the full Nike Zoom T-7 range.

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  1. CT are turf, FS are indoor ones =)

    I got them! I have to say don't listen to the stores and reviews saying they run small. I got 44 1/2 size feet and 44 1/2 t-7s fit great. They are pretty narrow, but if you don't lace up them too tight they fit almost perfectly even taken out straight from the box. The technology is just awesome. They are the only shoes for pro street games (CT).

    I got mystic, top flex, but these are the best indoor/asphalt shoes on the market.

    10/10 especially for the best indoor and asphalt soles on the market.

    I can make a full review for your site if you want Bryan.

  2. I love the T range of indoor footwear by Nike, they seem to be the only company getting it right, for me!

    I bought a pair of T3's for indoor use and they're fantastic! Offer so much grip, comfort and a suprising amount of power.

    The upgrade to T7 would offer me Kangaroo Leather uppers for even more comfort and flexibility and the altered heel with the rubber grip for flicks and tricks.

    Any users looking for a pair of indoor shoes should buy from the T series and be happy!

    Interesting note, these are available as T5 on Nike ID; Nikes customization store online.


  3. Hey man. I'm really interested in theses cleats. Can you make or post a review about these indoor cleats. Thank you.

  4. i need to find this boot in size 13 !! ANYONE? please help me out

  5. are these the kinds of shoes you need to get size smaller than normal walking shoes or are these shoes you need to get exactly like walking shoes? I am normally a size 10. will size 9 be too small?

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