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Nike Mercurial Miracle Review

Nike Mercurial Miracle

The Nike Mercurial Miracle is a boot that offers a very competitive alternative for those who decide not to invest big bucks in the Superfly II. Just like its predecessor the Talaria, the Miracle is third in the Mercurial range behind the Superfly II and Vapor VI. But if you think that Nike has skimmed this release and shipped it out as a cheap alternative you will be surprised to hear how well they actually do perform on the pitch. There are going to be a lot of people who snub these as a poor man’s boot, I probably would have myself before having the opportunity to test them. After several training sessions and 3 games, I can tell you that they do perform at the highest level. For testing, I wore a size 9US in the Dark Obsidian/White/Cool Mint color.

Breaking In
Breaking in the Miracle turned out to be a welcomed experience. Testing the Nike Superfly II turned out to be difficult as they were uncomfortable, so I was expecting a similar experience from these. But, from the first time of wearing, the Miracle feels comfortable and snug. They fit a little wider than the Superfly, and have much more give along the front of the foot. I tested a size 9 and in my opinion these fit true to size. If you normally wear a size 9 then a size 9 is going to suit. I did wear them in 2 training sessions before I put them on in a game, but in hindsight I could have worn these in a game right out of the box. I particularly like the fact that there is more padding around the ankle area. During testing, I didn’t encountered any blisters or uncomfortable areas.

Nike Superfly vs Miracle
Nike Miracle versus Superfly II

Miracle versus Superfly
The Miracle is designed to look very similar to the Superfly II. In fact, when you place them side by side, it is difficult to tell them apart unless you hold them up close. The biggest difference is that the Miracle does not use Flywire technology and it doesn’t have the Carbon fiber composite soleplate, so they are lacking in the technology department. Weight wise, the Superfly II is lighter as it weighs a superlight 7.8oz compared to the Miracle at 8.6oz. This does not equate to a huge difference and still leaves the Miracle sitting in the speed category. In terms of looks, there is very little to tell these apart. Both have the same color pattern and the Nike Swoosh pattern is pretty identical.

Performance and Technology
Obviously, since these are the cheaper version of Superfly II, you are losing out on some of Nike’s technological advancements. But where they lack technology, the Miracle performs very well in performance. Nike use a lightweight Teijin synthetic leather that allows them to keep the weight down while also emphasizing the importance of control. The last (or soleplate) also mirrors the shape of the foot to give a great feel. Straight out of the box they are genuinely comfortable to wear. One of the main problems with the Superfly II is the fact that the technology hampers the performance. You need a few weeks of breaking in before they are ready to play in. But the opposite is true of the Miracle. And in my opinion, comfort and performance are far more important than technology!

Nike Miracle Soccer Cleat

Overall, the Miracle offers great value for money. I personally don’t like the color design of the range, but that is just a personal preference. The only negative I have is that they can feel pretty flimsy. The upper seems to lose it shape pretty quickly. I also noticed that they scuff pretty easily (taking a wet rag to this solves the problem, although you do have to scrub pretty hard.)

Compared to the Superfly II, the Miracle offers great value to those who can’t afford to fork out a large sum on new boots. One point to remember is that Nike are a huge company who realize that the average player is not going to fork out hundreds of dollars for one pair, so they place a huge emphasis in getting the $100 boot just right. If they didn’t, they would be losing out on massive amounts of potential profit. You do lose out on all the technological advances, but you gain in different areas like comfort and performance. After my experience with the Superfly II, I was pretty skeptical of how these would perform but I would recommend them after testing.

*Boots supplied for review by soccer.com

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  1. Bryan as you have some connections in the cleat market, could you tell me if victory ICs are made of teijin too? Some shops say they are, but some don't. I want some lightweight indoor trainers and they have also a great touch, but I don't want to pay over the odds just for the look gay of CR9 fanboy. =)

  2. A great review, the superfly price is definitely over the top for a non-professional player, haha I have always wondered how the vapors will look like if you actually cut the laces flap off. They would seem pretty "useless" as not even the top-of-the-range mercurials have the flap

  3. Does anyone know if they stretch? Tried on a pair and they felt great except at the widest part of my foot. I'm thinking of going from Copa's to these just to get something lighter.

  4. soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo……

    you gave the superflys a 88

    and these a 89

    and theirs almost a 200 dollar difference

    that is amazing i think i might just get these

  5. Hello, Bryan. I recently purchased these bots, but I'm contemplating returning them for the vapor 6's. What do you think I should do, and is the extra 100 worth it?

  6. Also, I was considering going for the the new synth or leather f50s out of these boots which would you go with.

  7. Austin,

    It depends on how comfortable you are with the Miracles. I personally believe the extra 100 is not worth it, but if you feel the need for something extra you might be better with the Vapor VI. Check out the review age to help you decide which one offers what you are looking for!

  8. Bryan ,

    I really like the vapor VI but there a little to expensive last year i bought some Steams the silver ones and now theyre tearing apart but not to much. I plaay high school soccer and is competitive and im a very decent player and want some good shoes. I play center mid , do you think i should buy these vapor VI or go with some steams or some f50.9 or f50i because of my budget is not to big. I really need your help.


    Azael .

  9. Hey Azael,

    If your budget is tight, stick with the Nike Miracles, they offer great quality for the price!

  10. hello,

    good review! but i have a question. if im a winger, which boots would be better? these or the adipure II. i know theses are much lighter but in overall which is better?

  11. Both are good options, I would personally go with the adiPures as you are getting a supersoft K-leather instead of a synthetic, but you might find that you can get the Miracles for cheaper.

  12. Hey I am getting these cleats but for anyone that has them do you know what the length of the laces are on these because I wanted to get special laces for a cancer cause and needed the lace length to order them.

    I know it may be a hassle to take them out and measure them but any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

  13. DO they stretch?

  14. How long would these last for? how bad are the scuffs and how quickly does it lose it's shape?

  15. JL,

    They don't really stretch as they are made of synthetic material. They are more comfortable compared to the Superfly's (because they are not restricted by flywire)


    They keep there shape for a good amount of time, scuffs were more markings than damage to the boot. Expect at least one good season with these (more depending on care!)

  16. i have a wide foot and i really want these, are they still good even though my foot is wide? i had talarias and they were very comfortable.

  17. George,
    If the Talaria’s worked for you, these will also!

  18. Bryan I was just wandering do u slip easily in these cause it looks like the front studs are shorter and I had a leg injur. So I'm kind of scared of slipping or something like that

  19. I meant injury my bad

  20. Kenny,

    The studs are a little shorter, but after wearing them it really is not an issue. Nike have designed/positioned them different to other cleats purposely.

  21. Hey, Bryan are these cleat's better or equal to the Nike Mercurial Talaria v! Also is this Nike's new Talaria's because I cannot find any Talaria shoes anymore? Thanks!!

  22. Jacob,

    You are correct, these are the updated version of the Talaria.

  23. i know these are two completely different boots but would recommend miracles or adizero leather. please reply asap.

  24. George,

    Your best bet is to compare both reviews. Miracles are a good option and are cheaper, but the adizero's rate higher.

  25. Hey, I'm trying to convince my parents to buy me these, I play competitive youth soccer (center mid) and am wondering how long these will last me if theyre my only pair and I have about four games and five practices a week?

  26. Hannah,

    You should get a season out of them, although playing 5 days a week will put a heavy toll on just one pair!

  27. Hey, I have a question. I bought a pair of Mercurial Vapor V in size US11, I had F50 US11 also. But the Vapors were a little big and I decided to sell them. Now, I'm thinking on buying the Miracles, should I buy US11 sized?

  28. Ivan,

    The Miracles will fit very similar to the Vapor V, I think they will be the closest match to what size you should get.

  29. Great Review Bryan! Thanks to you my parents let me order these online. But I have a question. Ever since I've been playing competitive soccer I've allways used gel heel insoles for the extra heel support. Do you think I'll need them for this soccer boot?

  30. Obi,

    I would say yes if you are used to wearing them. the insole is not very thick in these so stick with what is working to make cleats comfortable for you.

  31. Great review bryan, just wondering if these boots would suit me. Im 13 years old and I play in central midfield. Thanks in advance

  32. James,

    They would be suitable for a center midfielder!

  33. what would you recommend for a centre back and centre mid/ playmaker

    nike mercurial vapor vi or f50 adizero

  34. or any other recommendations
    oh and by the way great review and i look forward to hearing a reply
    thank you

  35. Hello, I have a few questions, comments, and other about this cleat. First off, I would like to say i’m not a believer in the ‘cleat’ making the player. I believe that the cleat is a useful tool but not something that affects the players skill. (However I do believe a good pair of cleats are useful to a skilled or competitive player.) I play at high school level and love playing soccer, though i’m not the best on the team I always give everything I have. My question is will these cleats:
    1) Give me blisters on my heel
    2) Fall apart easily
    From the review it sounds like there are no problems with blisters but my ex-ex cleats gave me tons of blisters and i’m a worry wart now. Moving on, are these better then the other light weight cleats? (I can go up to 250,) Based on the reviews and numbers it sounds like these are actually better then the vapors and possibly even f50’s. (I don’t care about style, innovation, or ‘technology’ I don’t believe any of these will change your experience with a cleat.) So are these cleats good for a midfielder/striker and do they perform on the same level as other top light cleats?

  36. Joshua,
    For the price, these boots are extremely competitive in the market. They are not the lightest but they are extremely comfortable and perform well on the field. They are an all around boot, and are suitable for nearly every position on the field.

  37. misto poze,insa adidas f50 camelon imi plac mai mult ca mercurialele

  38. Dear Bryan

    I kneed your expertise for this question. I'm about to buy some cleats. My choices are these (Nike mirical) or the puma V1.10 K. I got to try the Nike miricals and they felt great when I ran in them and also shot with them. Do you think the puma K version can top these boots in preformance?

  39. are these cleats waterproof ?

  40. do they stretch? I'm usually a 9 but like a snug fit…felt a like i had some toe room, and wondering if it would be better for me to stretch out the 8.5s…

  41. Hi Brian,

    I am a very competitive rep player, I really like the feel of these and want a change to something lighter then what i have had however i have wide feet, this causes a degree of uncomfortableness in the widest part of my boot, how wide would you rate them? and can you get a wide fit for this version? cheers

  42. @Saul

    I wouldn't rate them as a wide fit, but they do fit a little bigger than medium if that helps! I would not imagine that they are available in a wide fit as they are the more economical version of the range.

  43. Hey Bryan,
    This was a great review and really pointed out that you dont need to spend 400 dollars for good quality and performance. But I have question that doesnt really pertain to these boots but all boots in general. Do you really think boots make a difference? Theres boots that weigh 5oz and boots made out of pure leather and boots with special pods and grip zones. But do you really think any of that stuff can make a difference? I would like you hear your opinion.

    • Hey Brendan,
      It is completely down to the player. Each player needs to find a boot that matches their style and will give them the maximum advantage on the field. It often turns out to be the $100 pair rather than the $400 pair that offers the maximum reward! I am all for the wide range of designs and technology – it means more options for you to find the right pair!

  44. Hi Bryan,

    I've been thinking about buying a pair of Vapor Miracles, and I just have a question about their performance. Their front studs look a lot shorter than most cleats, did you, during your review, find that they don't offer as much traction as other boots?

    Thank you.

    • Nike have done a good job of placing the blades in strategic positions so that you don't lose out on traction. I found them they worked out real well on turf and natural surfaces.

  45. Brian,
    I play right winger on an all year travel soccer team.would I benefit more by buying these for a whole year or buying two,1 for each season?

  46. Sorry I meant 1 for the 1st half of the season and then one for the 2nd half of the season

  47. I have these cleats and i have to say that these cleats will definintely not work for a wide foot unless you buy the nikeid wide fits, I have wide feet, and they compleatly lost their shape within 3 weeks

  48. Extremely fascinating subject, thank you for posting.

  49. VieleKleiderschrank

    this boot blows! The studs fell off after a 30 minute football practise session on grass and the upper had wrinkled and had scratches to boot. Do not buy this boot becuase it sucks and tanks. Or maybe it was a manufacturers fault!

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