Tuesday , December 5 2023

Futebol Arte: Brasil and Cadencia at the Nike Montalban

Nike Montalban Sign

Spending a Thursday evening downtown Hollywood is always a good time. This particular Thursday after a few drinks at Dillon’s, we headed to the Nike Montalban Theater for a night of Brazilian entertainment. On offer was the US Premiere of Cadencia and the launch of the Nike sportswear black pack collection. “HEAR THE RHYTHM, SEE THE DANCE, PLAY THE GAME, EMBRACE THE PASSION OF BRASIL” read the invite, and that is exactly what it was! After entering, we were guided upto the Rooftop, where Brazilian music was in full flow.

Cadencia, the documentary itself, was decently entertaining, although we were left yearning for more soccer action. The connections between soccer and the Brazilian culture were confusing and the beginning was particularly slow, focusing on Kite flying. But it was really interesting to see a different side of Rio that I had never seen before, exploring areas not seen by the outside. Brazilian Legend Socrates played a pivotal role in narrating parts of the story, and he really touched a note by admitting that the only time he tried on a soccer pitch was before Brazil’s opening game of the 1982 World Cup. When Socrates heard the national anthem play, he broke down knowing the whole country needed Brazil to win, he felt like he was holding the entire nation on his back. Pretty touching stuff from one of the greatest soccer players to ever play the game.

Overall, a very entertaining night! Check out the pics below.

Nike Crest Black Brasil in Black

Montalban Crowd Nike Write the Future

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