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Puma JB Final range Released for Knockouts

Puma have released a new v1.10 JB Final and a Powercat 1.10 JB Final to celebrate the knockout stages of the World cup in South Africa. Puma have a huge presence in the African continent, and there is no doubt that they have been preparing for these releases for a while. I am sure they and fingers crossed that there would be an African team left in the competition to keep interest at a high, and thanks to Ghana they unfortunately do (for US fans anyway.) JB stands for the city where the World Cup will take place, Johannesburg, with the actual Soccer City Stadium being the inspiration for the releases. Expect to see these releases in the quarter finals and on of the knock out phases.

PUMA PowerCat 1.10 JB Final
Puma PWR-CT JB FinalThis version of the PWR-CT comes in a Team Gold/Black/Fern Green color. The primary color of the boot is gold with green added via detailing throughout the boot. Looking at the outside of the boot, you will see a wild variety of black and green colors that add up to a very vivid picture depicting the imaginative side of African soccer. This version follows the trend of previous V1.10, coming in a supersoft K-Leather.

I personally like this version. The 3D grooves, which are detailed in green, add a unique element to the boot. It is almost like Puma are saying here is the desert and in between are lines of grass. What seems like plashes of color from a paint brush along the side also create a sweet look. Check out our review of the PoweCat here.Puma PowerCat JB
Puma Puma PowerCat JB Final

PUMA v1.10 JB Final
Puma JB Final colorThe V1.10 also comes in a Team Gold/Black/Fern Green color, but you will notice that these look really similar to the outside of the Soccer City Stadium because it is made of a Microfiber material. The boot looks like it has a multi-tone gold color, with differing panels adding the same effect seen on the actual stadium. Add to this an extremely lightweight Carbon Fiber in the forefoot that helps distributes pressure with an 8.2oz weight rating and you are getting a boot designed for speed.

Puma have worked tirelessly to ensure that they have a strong presence at the World Cup without really splashing the cash that Nike and Adidas have, and I have been impressed with the progress they have made. I am not fond of the actual V1.10 boot, but these look pretty decent. Just make sure to order a half size up if you decide to buy a pair, they fit tight!
Check out our review of the V1.10 here.Puma V1.10 JB Final

Puma V1.10 JB Final

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  1. I think Puma should try a new design! All puma boots look the same for me ehehe

  2. They look nice IMO

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