Thursday , May 30 2024

Ask And You Shall Receive – Nike CTR360 Review

Ok, so don’t get excited just yet…this is not the actual review. But because so many of you have pleaded for a review of the highly rated Nike CTR360 Maestri I decided it was time to Splash out on a pair. I have been wanted to review the CTR360 for a while, but they have proved elusive to get from my sources over the past few months. So, this evening I purchased two new pairs for review, the CTR360 Maestri as well as the CTR360 Trequartista for those of you who might have a budget. The boots are scheduled to arrive next week and I will get into testing them as soon as possible, with the actual review and some videos to follow within a week (I promise!)

Nike CTR360 Maestri purchase

Also of note, I have the Adidas F50i TUNIT review ready to post for tomorrow and after a final test of the Concave PT+ Classic will have that review on Monday/Tuesday. For those of you interested in the Adidas adizero SG, that review will be up by next weekend! If you are not already, make sure to follow our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter or give us a shout-out wherever you get a chance!

PS. Thanks for all the positive comments/emails over the past few weeks. I always appreciate your guys feedback and will try to fulfill your requests for reviews wherever possible!

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  1. On the image, I like how the left ad says 'free shipping over $99 if you enter the code, and on your order you're paying $11 for shipping. Whoops!! 😉

  2. Thankssssssssssss!! Man you are the Bessssssst!! Looking forward to it, thanks again!

  3. Whooo looking forward to this review!!!

  4. Monkey, you monkey!!! It is free shipping if you are willing to wait 5 business days…but in order to get them quicker I paid $11 extra to get them shipped 2 business days!


  6. What color u get?

  7. I'm really curious to see the difference between the Maestri and the Trequartista. I bought the Tre's several months ago because I wanted to try out Nike's Artificial Grass treadpattern. I definitely like it better on turf fields than FG or standard turf cleats. I wish Nike would use it on some of their mid-higher range cleats.

    Can't wait for the review!

  8. i cant wait for this review as im in two minds at the moment betweeen both boots ….

  9. C'mon sir, we want our review!!

  10. BruceLee,

    They arrive tomorrow…hold tight!!

  11. supreme ninja chops could arrive tomorrow as well good sir let it be known.


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