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German Win = Adidas Samba Vulc II Feds

adidas Samba Germany

I just spotted these on while looking for a new pair of sneakers. Basically, I want a pair of the national team Samba’s and have set my sights on the German version. The black primary color with gold adidas stripes looks really sharp, and the German soccer badge on the back heel area adds a very classic look. Since Adidas are actually a German company, there is even more heritage behind this release. To be honest, I am not a huge fan of German soccer, but they have been playing well and there is a chance they could win the World Cup.

But to initiate the $100 free shipping at, I am going to share the love and also buy someone else a pair if Germany end up winning the World Cup! Thats right, if the Germans can pull off a win against Argentina, maybe Spain in the Semi’s and possibly Brazil in the Final, I will be treating one lucky winner to a pair in their chosen size. Just leave a comment below letting me know if you think the Germans will win the World Cup and your name is entered. Obviously, Germany could lose versus Spain and if that happens I will have to go back to the drawing board….but if not you are going to want to have your name in the running!

Check them out at

Same rules as always, one entry per person and the competition can only be won by a US residents. I will leave comments open until a few days before the World Cup final (if Germany get that far!)

German Adidas Samba Vulc II Feds

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  1. hey I think germany will win the world cup 🙂 argentina doesn't stand a chance

    also, I love ur reviews man they're really helpful

  2. Germans can win for sure, but when argentina has pisspoor defenders, spain is a dream team.

    Who knows?

  3. I think Maradona will guide Argentina to glory in all of his insanity. And I hate Germany. I have no idea why I'm entering this contest…

  4. Oh of course Germany is going to win.

  5. I am a big supporter of Argentina, and Germany do play very well this finals. May the best team wins!

    Greetings from New Zealand / Brunei

  6. I think the Germans will Win the World Cup 😉 They have a great squad.

  7. With Brazil out their chances just got better…

  8. Germany lost Ballack their captain and a leader. Even without him they've been doing great. They will win this cup and make up for not winning at home in 2006

  9. Germany are going to win it all, plain and simple.

  10. I think Germany will lose to Netherlands in the final 🙂 They've been doing great, but once Netherlands cleans up their central defending (I'm guessing they already have, as evidenced by the 2nd half vs Brazil), they'll be hard to stop!

  11. Yes germany will win!! Klose top scorer is gonna beat Ronaldo© Registered trademark.

  12. Germany is going to win!!!!!!!

  13. DOH!! Go Germany!!


  15. I am sorry but germany will be lucky to make it to the semi's let alone the final of the world cup. This year the Netherlands are gonna win the cup

  16. My heart goes out to Argentina… but seeing Germany's performances this WC (how they work flawlessly as a team), I believe Germany may very well end up winning! Yes, Argentina has the world's best player on their squad and an excellent set of attackers, but their ability to defend is not as up to par… Müller and Özil will run right through them. It's definitely a tough call, but I think the young German squad is the superior team: more skillful, balanced, and integrated. Very excited for tomorrow's match.

  17. Germany will win! I've been a big fan all my life.

  18. arnold morales

    I think germany will win 1-0

  19. Germany is playing very attractive, open soccer, but I don't think they will win the World Cup.

  20. Ozil is an up and coming force to be reckoned with; the little wizard and Germany will hoist the cup on July 11!

  21. Hey I KNOW that germany will win. They are the best team in the world. Trust me. Argentina is not even going to the finals. It's netherlands vs. German. German wins 2-1. End of story. And those shoes look pretty good. 🙂 :O

  22. Germany wings!

  23. This goes to TK…. Deutschland GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL….. Lucky to win…no looks like the Dutch were lucky to win, Deutschland outclassed their South American opponents.

    Deutschland to get the fourth star that they deserve in 2010!

  24. I think the Germans will win the World Cup. Though I would rather see the Netherlands or Spain pull it off.

  25. Young blooded Germans would lift the CUP, no doubts.Their strengths:a)Team sprits b) Excellent talents in manouering the ball.c)Defending the balls to the strikers of the opponents.

  26. count me in mate! was kinda surprise they can do so well without Ballack!

  27. I am thinking Germany is going to get it done. Haven't been able to watch as much of the WC as I would have liked to since I am deploiyed to Afghanistan … but I have seen all the Germany games and all the Spain games …. gonna be epic in my opinion. I am, a die hared Germany fan been even if I wasn't I would say they have been impressive … even in there lose considering they were down a man due to a card happy referee! GO GERMANY!

  28. After the way they destroyed Argentina, I'm all in with Germany! (I just hope Klose doesn't get the scoring record…)

  29. The way the Germans come on to the field sets them up to win. They are not over confident but they knkow their strengths and how to play them. That is what makes them dangerous. Germany 2 – 2 Netherlands Germany wins in PKs.

  30. Germany will win for sure they have good counter attack strategy and unselfish teamwork

  31. Germany has a legit chance to win it all

  32. i was a germany supporter going into the wc and have just been even more blown away by them. they way they work together is fantastic and loew's coaching has been superb!

  33. Germany will take it!

  34. Germany has really come together as a team since the loss of Ballack and I honestly believe it is because he is not there that they are playing so well. His absence has allowed a more youthful and open style of play from them which has led to success. I think if they get past Spain and Netherlands past Uruguay we will have a WC Final with one of the most intense rivalries in soccer as both countries have deep rooted and historic drive to win. There I see the Dutch experience and offensive depth finally lead them to a World Cup win but only in extra time or pks.

  35. hi i think germany will win the word cup!

  36. Germany will win! My moms from Germany, so I got some real german blood in me.

  37. I dont think that germany will win, not this time at least. Give them another 4 years and they willl win. I think that they will get beaten by either spain in the semis or holland in the finals. btw great reviews bryan they have really helped me choose my boots from knowing the goods and the bads.

  38. Tommy Nethercott

    I do think Germany will win!…Look how far they've made it…and by how much theyve been winning… easy Germany win.

  39. I think Germany is going to win the World Cup. They're the only team winning at will.

  40. ha they lost =)

  41. OUCH! Spain were the much better team in the end, I guess it means the German Sambas just were not meant to be mine

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