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Adidas Predator X UCL

Adidas Predator X UCL

A little bit late in coming, but I thought it would be worth profiling the latest release in the Adidas Predator X range, the UCL. I am actually a pretty big fan of this design and am not sure how I haven’t posted about it already. This latest version has been released in conjunction with this seasons Champions League competition.

One of the key additions to the design is the placement of the Champions League stars around the Predator strike zone. The colorway itself is really sweet, sporting a white base with navy and baby blue detailing. The mesh of color works really well in my opinion.

UCL Predator X

While testing the Predator X, I found them to be a very powerful boot with many positive attributes. The Predator zone is very unique and can definitely be an asset to players looking to shoot often or spray long balls during a game. I also found them to be super comfortable to break in, always a good thing. On the down-side. I did notice that over time, the top layer of the Taurus upper material peeled off in certain areas. This might be something to watch out as you break them in.

Overall, a great looking boot just in time for Champions League action!

Adidas Predator X

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  1. not sure how this boot got a 7 for durability if its less durable than the adizero then i am returning them once they arrive.

  2. A Lot of players on my team have The Predator X and they all complain of the same thing. The white leather ( I Think Its leather) wears off near the toes very quickly…

  3. @Daire

    i just ordered the Nike Total90 Laser III's going to compare

    hopefully the k leather is the same quality of my mundial turfs…

    does k leather even have diff types of quality? i dont even know.

    im tired of trying to figure out which boot on the market is more durable

    this market is garbage

  4. this colorway is just awesome! From my point of view, the best Predator X up to now. However, Predators are not for me, i stick with my Superflys

  5. after my 5 month search… losing money on several diff pairs of boots i personally think that the pred x is the best bang for your buck. these are my go to cleats now.

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