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Adidas F50 Adizero in Black/Black/Warning - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Adidas F50 Adizero in Black/Black/Warning

Black Adidas f50 adizero

Another one of Adidas latest releases is a Black/Black/Warning colorway in the lightweight F50 adizero series. Maybe it has to do with the fact that there have been some extremely unique design releases in the last few weeks (including some by Adidas), but these boots look pretty darn good to me! The all black leather look really has an old school feel and if I get my hands on pair I will definitely be wearing them on the field.

Adidas f50 adizero black

The Warning orange detailing also adds a different look, and the color combo really pops. The whole boot just looks like something you would expect to see players in the 50’s or 60’s wearing.  It is funny how sometimes the simple designs can be the most effective and visually appealing boots! Another thing that makes them more appealing is the fact Adidas have gone with a leather upper on this release instead of a synthetic – always a bonus in my opinion. The leather is of course a full grain Galeo cow leather – one of the reasons that Adidas are able to keep the weight of the boot down.

Black F50 Adizero Sole

My preferred choice between the leather and synthetic upper is the leather version. This is primarily due to the nature of the fit, and the fact that when these mold to your fit they are a terrific boot. But one thing you are giving up is the full superlight package, as these weigh in at 6oz, 0.2oz heavier than the synthetic. To be honest, the weight difference only equates to a “title” more than anything else. You will not notice a weight difference!

Adidas adizero

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  1. i love the new black color ways on many of the boots. Im deciding between getting the CRT360 Elite, and the adizero leather. Wich do you choose? Btw, i see more and more profesional players going with the adizhero.

  2. Right there! Now Adidas release a new boot with a fantastic color!

  3. Nice but I love the yellow better and probably if they could make the white out in leather

  4. getting them for sure, I was thinking about chameleon leather but these are sooo classy

  5. I wish the F50 Adizeros had all the color options in leather! I am not a fan of synthetic leathers.

  6. I really hope they release SG version, these are perfect

  7. Hey. I'm deciding between these and the k-leather total 90's. I'm a striker with a narrowish foot. Which should I get?

  8. get these for sure. t90 is for wide foot

  9. Bryan ,

    can u do a review on the f30 adizeros ? synthetic . would help me alot . thanks a bunch !

    Cheers ,

    from Malaysia!

  10. Hey Bryan!

    I'm went to my local Adidas store yesterday I tried the leather AdiZero out.They feel a bit tight around the toes.I was wondering,how much do they stretch out over time?If I get them will they get wider over time.The main problem is that I think my foot's a bit wide/bulky.

  11. Gabi,

    If they are tight around the toe you might want to tryout an extra half size. There is some give in the Leather version, but don't get them if they are uncomfortable from day 1 – you won't enjoy breaking them in!

  12. I have a pair of adidas predator X with size US10 UK9.5

    what size should I get for these :)?

    please and thank you

  13. bryan,

    i wanted to buy a pair of these and like bagi wanted to know whether they would stretch out after a little while. My foot is wider mo so then narrower and wanted to know whether spending large amount of money on something that will not strech an be cmfortable be worth it.

    thank you xx

  14. @cech

    The leather does have some give and will stretch, making them a comfortable option for players with a medium to wide fit.

  15. where can i find these, ive looked everywhere!!

  16. i have also looked for these boots everywhere on the web and cannot find them. does anyone know any site that is still selling these in the all black color?

  17. Just saw these at the Adidas store here in San Francisco. They looked fantastic. The price was 200. I wanted the 50 dollar version but they did not carry them.

  18. Hey bryan,

    Where can I pick these new colorways up?

  19. my boots have a little gap in between the leather and the bottom of the shoe and it makes a little squeaky noise when i run. i have worn these for two hours total and they are still playable but i am worried if it will get worse. any insight?


  21. im trying to find where i can purchase this boot (the all black /black) can anyone help?

  22. I want these cleatsbut I can’t find a website that sells them! Does anybody know a website where I can buy them?

  23. These are freakin nice,also like the lionel messi’s edition.

  24. Where can I find these? I love the leather with the black/black/warning color scheme but I can't seem to find them anywhere, and judging from previous comments, it seems like I'm not the only one. I would get the new Nike Elites but my foot is too wide for nikes. It would be awesome if anyone knew where to find these.

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