Sunday , February 25 2024

New Nike CR7 Safari in Action

Cristiano Ronaldo debuts Nike CR7 SafariThis weekend saw Cristiano Ronaldo debut the new Nike CR7 Safari soccer cleat in Real Madrid’s derby clash with Atletico. There has certainly been much media attention on the new Ronaldo inspired Superfly II, with reactions to the release being an absolutely mixed bunch; some people love them, while others have been completely bashing the design. Whatever you think, Nike certainly have created another successful advertising campaign, and the Nike CR7 Safari (which is on sale now) is sure to sell in large numbers.

What are your thoughts on how the soccer cleats they looked on Cristiano Ronaldo?

Cristiano Ronaldo debuts Nike CR7 Safari

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  1. the design of the cleats is either good or poor, depending on perspective. Up close, they look awfull, but from a few yards away, like in the photo, they look alright.

  2. I hated them at first, but they are kinda growing on me. Looks good with the Real home kit.

    On another note, will Nike ever release the mixed-stud versions of any boot?!

  3. yep, up close they are puke-inducing but on the pitch they look very very nice.

    unfortunately not nice enough for a normal consumer to be comfortable buying and wearing them….

  4. so cool looking!! so when do we get a freebie of this????? 😀

  5. i think they are unique, it's a good way to express your soccer playing style/spirit.

  6. The best cleat in the world!!!!!!!¡¡¡!!!!&………….!!!!!!!!more of these !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡¡¡¡8!!!!!!!

  7. Wannabe Ronaldo :D

    I love them, but I can't decide between these (Nike CR7 Safari's) or the Nike Mercurial Vapor Superfly II Firm Ground Soccer Cleats (Voltage Cherry/Dark Obsidian)

  8. i tink the boots has a nice design, but not for a normal purchaser like me, because i have to keep them clean… the white idea is for professional footballers who have the option of having them anytime they want. I changed my mind on buying them because of the cleanliness aspect.

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