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Adidas Predator X in Electricity/Black/Poppy

Adidas predator X electric poppy

The latest installment of the Adidas Predator X to be released comes in a rather bright Electricity/Black/Poppy color. The electricity color on these really makes the boot pop, especially coupled with the poppy red detailing. The one thing I like about these is how Adidas have mixed a black and red color along the predator strike zone, it is completely different and makes the Predator text stand out.

Adidas predator Electricity

One look at these and they remind me of a previous version of the Predator range – the Adidas Predator Accelerator in Electric that were released around 1999 (link goes through to a video of the boots.) There are obviously a lot of significant differences between the releases, but they do have a resemblance.Adidas predator X yellow

One of Adidas’ developments on this cleat is a new upper material called ‘Taurus’. You can tell that quality materials are used in this cleat by the feel of the full-grain calf leather. Along with its super-soft, lightweight properties, you also get the added bonus of weatherproofing. One thing that is very noticeable about these soccer cleats is how thin the material feels. Adidas maintains that this allows for a barefoot feeling when touching the ball, and I tend to agree with that after testing.

Adidas Predator X

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  1. you mean 1999 not 2009 for the accelerator. This colour grew on me and iv been a huge fan of preds for years and the pred X are great. i own 2 pairs of mania, pair of pulse a pair of absolutes and 4 pairs of powerswerve and 3 pair of X, all great boots.

  2. Seven,

    Yes, 1999 – it seems weird to type!

  3. @seven,

    I have three pairs of PS and still not sure if X are good enough to switch. How do you find X in comparison with PS?

  4. If you laid out a pair of PS and a pair of X in front of me and tell me to pick one and play with it. Id picked the X. When i wore PS i found i had to get size 10 because it was to narrow on side of my feet and fell like a bit like clown shoes to me. I wore the X and right away my first thought was wow. the Tarus calf leather is great, the touch is amazing. The X i will say is a def buy. I was skeptical when they got rid of the tongue but since giving them a try they have become my main boot next to vapors. And i have tried boots from f50.7 .8 f50i, adizero, vapor iv, vapor v, vapor vi( my secondary main boot) legends elite, and the X have come out on top.

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