Friday , April 12 2024

SoccerCleats101 T-Shirts up for Grabs

**Competition is now closed. Thanks to all that entered! The 2 randomly selected winners are Rosslee and Maxi**

If you missed it last week, I revealed the new SoccerCleats101 t-shirt that we designed along with the team over at Objectivo. I absolutely love them, and have a few that I have been sporting nearly daily over the past week (including a trip I took to Seattle over the weekend.)

SC101 T-shirt

In order to get a few extra t-shirts out there to you guys, we are going to run a little competition. Winners will get one of our coveted new t-shirts in there chosen size, and entering couldn’t be easier!

First off, make sure you are following (or “Like”) both the SoccerCleats101 and the Objectivo Facebook page.

  • Then, head over and check out the Objectivo t-shirt selection. Come back to this post and leave a comment below telling us which of their t-shirt design you like best (I know you all love the SC101 t-shirt – but we want to hear what other designs you like best!)

That’s all you need to do! To recap, all you need to do to enter is ensure you are following both the SC101 and Objectivo Facebook pages and leave a comment with you preferred Objectivo shirt below!

Unfortunately, we can only open this competition to US and Canadian residents only as I won’t be the one shipping them out. Sorry to those of you abroad who want to enter, but I will make a future competition for some t-shirts available to you. We will select some winners at random this Friday (11/12). Also, there might be a random winner or two picked out  to win your favorite t-shirt – so select wisely!

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  1. hmm I think my favorite Objectivio shirt is the United Stacked shirt ( its just so simple but still awesome. Thanks for the contest Bryan!

  2. i like most of them especially the Borough Boys Cosmos Skull T-shirt like!!

  3. Too many good ones but I think I'd have to go with the retro Roma wolf shirt (

  4. My favorite is definately the Football Culture Bob Marley t-shirt.


  5. i wanna say my favorite from the whole page would be the Holland Lion Oranje Black Hoodie (

    but my favorite shirt is gonna be the Join Man City And You Die T-shirt (

  6. my favorite hands down is the hup holland hup t-shirt

  7. I like the soccer cleats 101 shirt, but the united stacked shirt ( is awesome as well!

  8. There are tons of great shirts to choose from, and while I really like the Messi Ten Argentina V-neck T-shirt, I fell in love with the Holland 14, Johann Cruyff Legend Black T-Shirt.

    Absolutely spectacular tribute to a legend of the game. Great contest!

  9. I watch la liga a fair bit and am half spanish so I have to go with the madrid crown

  10. Diggin the "Scotland, the Tartan Army" shirt, but have to go with the "United Stacked" shirt as my fav. Simple design, yet so awesome!

  11. I like the US hoodie design l

  12. I'm a huge fan of the Borough Boys Crest design; it looks great.

  13. Im liking the milano stacked, the deuce fulham jersey and The River End Thermal

  14. I dig the red card shirt. Brass with class!

  15. o wow i think i just discovered one of my favorite shopping stores!!! i like all theyre designs, made for real futboleros. id be happy with any shirt honestly, but here it is what i picked lol

  16. To my previous post, my ultimate favorite is the last one that I posted, which is this one:

  17. By far my favorite shirt is the USA soccer legends shirt. It is so plain, but that's what makes the statement so pure. But Objectivo is putting out some great shirts.

    Here's the link to my favorite shirt:

  18. I like the Deuce Fulham, Clint Dempsey, Soccer Crest T-shirt

  19. Definitely the Borough Boys Cosmos Skull design. Not only am I excited for their return, this design looks great. Objectivo makes amazing shirts, made it a little hard to decide. But living in NY, I want to support the idea of bringing back soccer to NY! GO BUROUGH BOYS!

  20. Thanks for sharing this dope website! I went to South Africa for the world cup and these t-shirt designers must have gone as well. The Kaiser Cheifs design is my favorite!

  21. definitely the best shirt there:
    but the soccercleats101 shirt is a close second

  22. I love the Soccer Cleats 101 shirt, I hope I win it.

  23. My Favorite shirt is the USA Soccer Legends T-shirt because I think that almost anyone in America at the moment could agree with this shirts short but sweet message.

  24. hard choice, many cool designs, i choose this one:

  25. I really like the USA vs. England Miracle on Grass shirt. It's one of my personal favorites.

  26. They are all great shirts, but the CR7 Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid T-shirt is my favorite.

    Thanks For The Contest!

  27. No Contest. Red-card T-shirt trumps the group. Maybe i'll get it and it'll be that rare red-card that makes me feel better on game day.

  28. My favorite Objectivo shirt is the FREE CESC T-Shirt.Its the best design they have and its funny.

  29. The Deuce Fulham shirt is dope. Period.

  30. The Miracle on Grass is sweet. With the rise in popularity for soccer and the MLS, I smell a movie deal.

  31. I really like the Red Card shirt!!!!!

  32. They all pretty good i like the Madrid Spanish Crown Purple Soccer T-shirt – Limited And the Red Card one the best

  33. Im Going To Have To Say My Favorite T-Shirt Is The Red Card Soccer Shirt

    Its Just A Pretty Funny Shirt And I Would Love To Wear It Under My Uniform And If Someone Fouls Me, I Can Just Lift Up My Uniform Shirt!!!

  34. They all pretty good i like the Madrid Spanish Crown Purple Soccer T-shirt – Limited And the Red Card one the most

  35. All their shirts are awesome! But I love the red card shirt

  36. I like the The Miracle On Grass USA vs England T-shirt

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