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Berbatov Bags 5 in Adidas Predator X

Manchester United's Berbatov

Dimitar Berbatov answered his critics and again showed just why Sir Alex Ferguson has stood by him through the criticism of the past season and a half. On a day that saw Wayne Rooney return to the starting line-up for the Red Devils, Berbatov was the one to take the spotlight, grabbing 5 goals in the game.

Berbatov is currently wearing a personalized version of the Black/Running White/Electricity colorway. To compensate for the Old Trafford surface, he has also chosen to wear them in soft ground blades.

Manchester United v Blackburn Rovers - Dimitar Berbatov

Berbatov has been wearing Adidas Predators throughout his career at Old Trafford. His transition to Predators occurred after a period at Tottenham Hotspurs when he spent time testing out some Puma boots, notably the Kings and Konstruckts. It seems that he wanted something different, moving on to the Predator range, a boot that seems to have suited exactly what Berbatov was looking for. Since that time, he has stuck with the Adidas Predator range that has now been incarnated 10 times.

Only 3 other players in Premier League history have scored 5 goals in a game (Andy Cole, Alan Shearer and Jermaine Defoe). Berbatov is the first non-English player, making his boots a very unique and exclusive pair.

Question is, will Berba sport them in his next United outing, or will they get a special place in his trophy cabinet? What would you do if you had unlimited soccer boots and scored 5 goals in a game? Would you choose to continue wearing them in hopes you keep scoring, or would you retire them to your trophy cabinet – knowing they finished on a high?

Berbatov at Spurs

About the Adidas Predator X
The Adidas Predator falls into the power boot range. The latest version, the Predator X, has been created using a new upper material called Taurus. You can tell that quality materials are used in this cleat by the feel of the full-grain calf leather. Along with its super-soft, lightweight properties, you also get the added bonus of weatherproofing. One thing that is very noticeable about the cleat is how thin the material feels. Adidas maintains that this allows for a barefoot feeling when touching the ball, and I tend to agree with that. On passing the ball, it feels super close to your foot, but you are not losing protection.

What really separates this version of the Predator from its predecessors is the new Predator Zone. In this version, the strike area is covered with ridges of bubbled silicon. This area is designed to help with swerve, control, and accuracy. And there definitely is some benefit to the technology. If anything, it will help you focus mentally on striking the ball as you intend.

Adidas Predator X

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  1. I think the Black/white/Electricity colorway is the best of the Predator X. It looks totally classic.

  2. why does he wear a predator rx?

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