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Breakdown of the Nike CTR360 Maestri II

Nike CTR360 Maestri II

So, today the Nike CTR360 Maestri II is officially released and available for pre-order! Yesterday, I gave a little background info on the new release but today there is a lot more online available about them, including a full breakdown video, seen below, that tells you exactly what you want to know about the design. We will have a full review of the playmakers boot in a few weeks, after I have the chance to test them out fully on the field!

From the initial reaction I have seen to the release, I have a strong feeling that these boots are going to extremely sought after and there will be a strong pre-Christmas rush to ensure they can get their hands on a pair!

Nike CTR360 Maestri II

New Nike CTR360 Maestri

CTR360 Maestri II

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  1. When will you be posting the puma king finale review?

  2. OK, someone help me decide.

    I have a pair of CTR360 Elites, never worn, perfectly new with everything (bags and stuff) in it.

    Now, I can either wear those later on, or sell those and get these new bad boys, or I can get like a pair of predators.

    What do you recommend??

  3. it depends on what you want, I would be tempted to were the elites, (8.0 oz) rhey are extremely good cleats possibly better than predators depending on qhat position you play.

  4. at sonny i would say wear your elites i bought a pair at the start of the WC when that color way came out played all season loved them, so i say use them and get the ctr 2's for xmas or for birthday. you can never have to many cleats

  5. Thanks guys– well the thing is, I already own a pair of CTR360's, first one, regular. So I was thinking maybe I should try out some new things…! haha

  6. Brian or anyone!,

    I am having trouble deciding whether or not to get the CTR360 elite version or maestri FG version? I know people were complaining of the durability of the older CTRs. Are the new ctrs meant to be more durable ? even just the maestri FG version? Im just afraiid that if i order the normal FG maestri version they will fall apart!? plz help..

  7. how good are the adizero 2s

  8. Nice colors – is it just me or the colorway reminds me of a can of coke (Coca-Cola for those outside US). I'm thirsty.

  9. How much do the maestri's weigh??

  10. did this shoe already come out

  11. I would like to know about the durability of these cleats. They look awesome and sound great but I will not get them if they're going to fall apart halfway through my season.

  12. just ordered a pair of the elites yesterday and cant wait for them to come in, heard alot of good stuff about them. hopefully they are as good as fabregas makes them look

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