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Nike Supefly II Black/Circuit Orange Released - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Nike Supefly II Black/Circuit Orange Released

Nike Superfly II Black and Orange

If the wild colors of the Windchill Nike Superfly II is not your cup of tea, then try out this latest Black version. The official color is about as simple as they look from the front –  Black/Circuit Orange/Black. It is the simplicity of this Nike Superfly II release that makes them so appealing.

On the pitch, these cleats are sure to stand out because of the contrast between the bright orange on black base colorway. The orange color is used for the detailing around the boot.

Nike Superfly II in Black orange

Along the instep, the black almost turns to a metallic black color, giving the boot a different look under lights. Basically, they are going to look extremely sweet if you play night games! Overall, the release holds a very strong similarity to the Black version of the Vapor V that were on the market just over one year ago.

Nike Superfly II Black

I am personally all about this release! They will give you a different look without being too flashy on the field. In my opinion they will suit the player who is out there to get the job done without being the one who really stands out (outside of their performance of course). I actually anticipate this colorway will be close to the top of wish-lists for those who are fans of the Superfly range.

Nike Superfly II

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  1. So…very…pretty. Never been that much of a fan of the "banana shoes" as I still call them from back when they were that atrocious yellow, but these I could get into.

  2. finally a subtle superfly color, i was going to blackout the on sale cactus, but I think I'll wait now..

  3. idk which i like more, these, or the black and yellow vapor 5's with red laces


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