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Adidas F50 adiZero Prime Released

Adidas F50 adiZero Prime

Adidas never cease to amaze! Over the past few weeks all new releases have belonged to Nike, but out of nowhere, Adidas decide to drop new colorways and a brand new boot – the F50 adiZero Prime.

Not only that, but Adidas have also regained the title for lightest boot on the market, with the adiZero Prime coming in at an incredible 5.2oz, beating the Puma V1.10 SL by 0.2oz. There has been much talk about this release over the past few months but to drop them on the first day of 2011 is a bold, yet incredibly smart move in my opinion.

Adidas F50 adiZero Prime BlackAdidas F50 adiZero Prime

The biggest alterations that Adidas use to decrease the weight of this release include Kevlar laces, adiLite single layer upper that has no foam or lining, and your choice of lightweight insoles. The Kevlar laces will be interesting to try out. Adidas include an extra set of laces as back-up in case yours rip, which in my opinion is an extremely smart move. The adiLite upper has an extremely unique look and I am sure fans will be eager to find out how much protection it offers.

Adidas F50 adiZero Prime sole

Personally, I am interested to find out how the studs hold up on the Prime. I have noticed that the studs are color coded, maybe this is simply for design, but either way I am interested to see if there is an improvement compared to the original adiZero.

The initial roll-out comes in two different colorways, a Black/White/Electricity and a Warning/Black/White. There is no doubt that both versions will be pretty easy to spot on the field. Adidas have, however, increased the price of the boot upto $329 – a pretty substantial increase from the price of the original adiZero. I felt the adiZero performed extremely well and applauded Adidas for keeping the price of that release somewhere reasonable compared to their other releases. But it seems like they might have caught the Nike bug! Only after testing will I be able to say if the increase in price is actually worth it. More to follow on the release – including a full review. Stay tuned….

Adidas adizero Prime

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  1. wow. these are really expensive. i wonder if messi is going to wear them. i think he will never wear these ones as they are not leather ones.

  2. Gosh dang it Adidas!

    The reason I appreciated the Adizero so much, was the low price, now there is no big distinguishing price between them!

  3. There are a silver version that Messi will wear, I don't know if he will wear a leather version of that colourway though.

  4. These are mind-blowing. They look great and are officially the lightest cleats in the world. My hat goes off to you, adidas.

  5. Hey Bryan wich cleat do you think are best for a striker.

  6. These are one of the ugliest boots I've seen! And Brian, I'm a junior player still in junior shoe sizes (I play on a U11 team.) I play striker, what boot would you reccomend for me!

  7. nice Improvement, bad price, I will stick to the regular adizeros

  8. Hey Bryan, thanks for the quick response. I have one question about your site though; have you switched your partnership with to and why? It seems like all your ads and links are switching now.

  9. Hey Bryan , which is better adizeroes 1 or adizeroes2 ? And is there anything like the ball slips in synthetic adizeroes during wet conditions?

  10. one cleat can only go so light before it compromises protection and comfort… I'm curious to see how these compare with ADIzero i in comfort

  11. if you get these to test them out, can you check to makesure that they are in FACT lighter than the v1.10sl because i dont believe that they are lighter than the puma boot. Thanks and i dont like the color coded cleats, makes me think of the tron movie 🙁

  12. Haha this caught my eye, look at how thin those laces are!

  13. I am a junior player (u12) and a striker/right wing. I am looking for a fast boot with good touch. What would you recommend for me?


    Lookie here – the worlds lightest American Football cleat has also just been released by adidas – at 100$, its much cheaper than the adiZero prime, but structurally they look very similar.

  15. I could give a try to the NFL cleat. SprintSkin, Sprintframe & centered Lacing. Sounds perfect for 100$!

  16. The puma v.10 sl is 5.3 oz and the adizero primes 5.2 oz the adizeros are only 0.1 oz lighter but you wrote that they are 0.2 oz lighter you might want to correct that

  17. i seen messi wearing the orange ones, i also seen karim benzema adn daivd villa wear the black ones with highlighted lime green?

  18. Hey im 13 and a left forward im right footed what shoes would you recommend for me

  19. Well, i play in the u16 team. I love these shoes. I have Adidas adizero f50 in purple.

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