Tuesday , April 16 2024

Nike CTR360 Maestri II for $65!?!

I have looked at this deal a few times to check and make sure it is actually legit…and if it truly is – what a deal!

Head over the the Nike website right now and find the CTR360 Maestri II for $63.97. Considering they are originally priced at $180, you might want to pick a pair up! Right now there is a pretty good selection of sizes left, but I imagine they are going to go pretty quick.

**UPDATE** Since posting this evening, all pairs have sold out, so I have taken down the link.
(Thanks to Nicholas G for the heads up on the sale!)

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  1. i just pulled the trigger.. we'll see what happens


    They only have a few sizes but they had an 11!

    I can't believe I just got 180 dollar, brand new boots for 63 bucks

    You made my day!

  3. Thanks alot Bryan, my friend called me and said that they were $63 just because of your website. My mom got them for me as an early birthday present! Had to get size 10 (I normally wear 9-9.5) but it still was a great deal! Thank you so much!!

  4. some jerk took the last size 11s right before i could checkout FML

  5. as of right now all they have left is 6 6.5 7 and 13 for sizes 🙁

  6. Wow sorry, my brother just bought them right before u said that!

  7. Dan we really are they were for my friend haha!

  8. Wow, right when I was about to check out I found out that they don't ship to Canada. Missed out on a huge steal…

  9. Yeah wow, thats bad! I still cant believe it haha

  10. Hahaha. I noticed this last night, bought my pair, and thought about contacting the site, but I was too lazy. I got mine before they had run out of any sizes so it was awesome.

  11. I might have gotten the last one…a size 6 for my daughter. I was going to change to a 6.5 but now the website says that the product is no longer available.

  12. Damn…..I live so close to the US (Vancouver, less than an hour's drive from Seattle) but I might as well be on another planet because nike.com/us refuse to ship to Canada……

  13. I can't believe I missed this.

  14. wow. damn. I was looking at getting these for my next pair of cleats and i missed this

  15. Ha ha I saw this deal on Wednesday night and snagged a couple pairs! Wow what a great deal!

  16. nooooooo! damn it. i was too late.

  17. i got them the first day they were down!!! the only difference i notice is that the soleplate is a diff color; the back 4 studs are a different color and the black "X" is clear

  18. Dang it. These were the next pairs I wanted.

  19. Yeah Angelo's right, the design is slightly different by looking at the picture on the website.

  20. Recieved mine today. No trick, they are the realy deal.

  21. Nice Daman,

    If you get a chance can you add a pic to the SC101 facebook page? Thanks!!

  22. Hey Bryan, mine came in today. They are 100% legit I looked up pictures of everything about the CTRs and they match up exactly. Thanks again for this! And how do you add a picture to your website if you want one?

  23. Glad to hear Darren!

    Can you post it to the SoccerCleats101 Facebook page wall? Located here

  24. got mine yesterday. and now its supposed to rain for the next 2 days..

  25. If 11.5us in vapors fit me my thumb long how should i get these cause i have weird feet:P

  26. what’s the site were they sell nkie ctr360 for only $65.

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