Thursday , December 7 2023

Roque Santa Cruz Back at Blackburn Rovers

Roque Santa Cruz in Mizuno

For these of you in the US, these pictures will make no sense – but they signal Roque Santa Cruz return to Blackburn Rovers. In the background of the image is the “Rovers Return Inn“, a pub in one of the most famous TV shows on English television – Coronation Street.

Santa Cruz will be making his first start in his second stint at Rovers tomorrow versus West Brom. He will be wearing his own personalized Mizuno Wave Ignitus (as pictured – we have reviewed the Wave Ignite). Question is, will he get back to playing well after spending such a long time as a bench player for Man City?

Since Mizuno boots are not sold here in the US, we have put together a petition to send a message to let the top people in the company know there is a market for them here. If you are interested in getting involved by adding your name, check out the petition page!

Santa Cruz at Blackburn

Roque Santa Cruz Mizuno Rovers

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  1. he played alright… not a game changer tho

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