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Nike5 Bomba Turf - Welcome to the Cage - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 24 2024

Nike5 Bomba Turf – Welcome to the Cage

Nike5 Bomba Turf

Something I don’t get to play enough right now, but wish I could more, is short sided five aside games. Loving the below video (released in October) that highlights the Nike5 Bomba Turfs – it gives me an itch for getting out to play (and I even found a venue nearby!) Playing short sided is an excellent way to develop and really hone your skills.

In terms of the boots, one of the benefits is the superior traction, comfort and grip you get from the Nike5 Bomba Pro (as pictured). The upper is made of a natural leather with off-set lacing, increasing the strike zone. Add to that foam pods along the instep and it is a boot designed with shot control in mind.

Image Nike5 Bomba

Nike5 Bomba Pro Turf

The design of the actual boot itself is pretty unique – not quiet the best look out there, but overall they are stylish. One of the benefits of buying turf specific boots is that they are priced lower than regular soccer cleats. The Bomba can be purchased for around $70, which in my opinion is a pretty decent deal!

I haven’t tested them yet, but I am considering getting my hands on a pair for review. In the meantime, if you have had the opportunity to wear a pair leave your thoughts on how they work out below.

Nike5 Bomba

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  1. I'm jealous of that Soccer City…Closest thing I get where I live is a facility with two indoor turf fields. But I love that you're doing indoor shoes, try the Nike 5 lunar gato, I love them.

  2. They are using Finale's in the video, not Pro's.

    You should be ashamed of yourself Bryan. 🙂

  3. I got myself a pair of Nike Bomba Finales, because I play many of my 11 v 11 matches on turf. They are a dream to play in!

    I really recommend you to get the Nike Bomba Finales, I love the Kanga-Lite, and the traction they give me is perfect. If you're interested, here's my review of them on my blog:

    I certainly recommend the Nike Bomba Finales, I don't think that there's ever been a better one for turf play. And I'd love for you to review them!

  4. Bryan, have you ever thought of doing video reviews?

  5. I second what Niccolo has to say including the review he has posted (with the exception of shot shield not all that useful for me) in regards to Bomba Finale that I also own and love, .

    The outsole of these boots are genius – on artificial grass surfaces sprinkled with rubber pellets, the protrusions are just the right amount so that it makes the surface ‘give’ without catching like as in regular cleats. That give is very important in reducing the stress on your joints – I used to play on the AG surface wearing regular indoor soccer shoes with flat outsole and I felt my joints suffer after every match. Also, the flat soles intended for courts and gym floors tend to ‘bind’ and create unexpected stress on your joints as well. The right amount of give (or digging in) without ‘binding’ allows the wearer to make sharper and quicker turns on turf. Again, this outsole is one of the biggest assets of the Bomba series.

    Kanga-Lite is very comfortable and I really agree with Niccolo’s take on the material. They don’t fold over like Sprintskin on Adizeros and they behave much more like natural leather all the while reducing water uptake (I also happen to own a pair of CTR360’s and I wear them on wet pitches on in the rain when leather boots could get waterlogged).

    All in all, one of the best ever shoes made for the turf field.

  6. Thanks Hide, I actually found the shot shield very useful. Maybe it's more of a placebo effect, but I've been keeping my shots much lower than usual.

  7. I'm reeeeeally interested in these not just for indoor but because just about all the outdoor 11v11 fields around the D.C. area are being converted into G3 astroturf. I've been using firm ground cleats on the turf surface and both the boots and my toes take a lot of punishment (Been wearing F50 leathers for a few seasons now). I'm worried about switching from real leather to the kanga-lite because I wasn't a huge fan of the adidas sprintskin. I've also tried adidas copa team turf and I like their stability on astroturf, but I don't think adidas turf shoes have a very good profile (too much rubber around the toes). The other turf shoe I was looking at are the Predator Absolion, but again, not sure about the profile. I'm such a big adidas fan I'm having issues switching over to Nike =-P I would loooove to hear more about anyone's experience with these.

  8. So anyways, in case anyone is interested, I went and tried on a pair of bomba pros at a local shop since the finales aren't currently in stock anywhere in the washington DC Metro area. They're also not on or the nikestore anywhere. My first impression of trying on the pro's is that i like their profile and the turf stud configuration but the leather is so thick and stiff it feels like a crappy old synthetic leather shoe back when they were making synthetic leather out of galvanized rubber. Also, the pass shield is just painted on and the shot shield actually is just a piece of foam. Also, the collar around my ankle was very high, kind of felt like wearing an ankle brace. Hopefully the finales will be better since there seems to actually be some substance to the shot/pass shield and the kanga-lite should be similar to t90's and 360s. Probably why the Finale is out of stock everywhere and no one can get rid of the pro's.

  9. Sorry about the multiple posts but my curiosity/adhd/impulsiveness got the best of me and i had a pair of finale's overnighted. The fit and feel are very nice. Definitely get the finales over the pros.

  10. Yo tengo unas Nike5 son lo maximo!!!!

  11. HI,




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