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Puma King Finale versus Diego

Puma King Finale and Diego

Puma have released their latest version of the classic and extremely popular Puma King soccer cleat. The Puma King Finale is the latest boot in a range that dates back to the 1960’s. But to go along with the Finale, Puma have also released the Puma King Diego – a boot designed for Argentinian legend Diego Maradona.

Having tested the Puma King Diego a few weeks back, I can tell you that this is a fantastic boot created to the highest standard. The King Finale and Diego have been created from the same template, with only the actual look and design differentiating each boot. I still wanted to take the opportunity to check out the King Finale version, so managed to get my hands on a pair for review.

But rather than being a full review, this post is more of a comparison of design – for more on how the Finale performs on field, check out the full King Diego review!

Puma King Finale Diego

Colors Used
Puma have stuck to minimal colors for the King Finale, giving them an absolutely classic look that works. The basic Black/White/Yellow combo is something that creates a look of familiarity with the King range.

In comparison, the King Diego has been stapled with a look that aptly fits the Argentinian legend they have been created for. The mix of white leather and two tone Argentina blue gives a modern look that makes you feel like you are wearing an ‘advanced’ boot!

Outside of the colors, the biggest differences lie in the detailing used on the boot. For example, the King Diego actually has Diego Maradona’s signature on the side of the boot where “Puma” is placed on the King Finale. You also get Maradona’s number 10 placed on numerous places on the boot.

The small buttons on the inside and outside of the boot also carry the respective colorways of each boot. On the King Finale you get a yellow button with a black King crown, while the King Diego has a silver button that matches the stitching.

Puma King Diego Pin

The Tongue
Both tongues are shaped exactly the same, but they have very different looks. The King Finale carries a classic look with the trademark Puma stitched in black. The King Diego has a very tasty looking badge that includes “Maradona” and his number 10. It adds a very effective look and matches the overall look of the boot.

The only difference in the leather is the colors used. For me, the leather on these boots is hard to beat. It feels absolutely fantastic and both the white and black give a very high class look.

Puma King Finale Leather

Puma King Diego 2

Overall, both of these new releases look fantastic. If there was anything I would change about both it is the look of the tongue. I do, however, much prefer how the King Diego tongue looks compared to the King Finale. While wearing them, the only difference you are going to notice in performance will be psychological (ie. in your mind!). I found the King Diego have more of a flair look and feel – probably because of the “Diego Maradona” effect, whereas the King Finale are just a classic, hard working players boot. Either way you are not going to go wrong with either boot.

Puma-King-diego Puma-King-Finale

*Puma King Finale supplied for review by

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  1. who cares if you're first? ^ and also i cant decide between which of these 2 looks better

  2. what is the point of this article? only to compare the designs..?

  3. Bryan, did you find any difference in terms of the insole of both boots? There seem to b more cushioning in the King Finale.

  4. @Bryan

    The black Finale version does have a slightly more padded insole in my opinion. Both are comfortable, but the Finale seems to be more fitted.

  5. i just bought the king finale and i think it should have bought them half a size up. Does the leather stretched that much so a bott sized 44 will be a size 44,5 in width?

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