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Puma V1.10 in Fluo Orange Released

Puma V1.10 SL Fluo Orange

Puma continue their trend of truly unique colorway releases with this new Puma V1.10 SL release. The official colorway of Fluo Orange/Blue Aster/White is definitely not like any other release currently on the market and is sure to make you stand out on the field. If anything, this release would look pretty good with the Holland away kit!

Stepping away from the colorway, Puma have created a 5.3oz winner with the Puma V1.10 SL. It is a boot designed for raw speed on the field, giving players a super lightweight feel. Having tested them, these break in really easily and are probably one of the best boots on the market in terms of real touch and control. I would rate them as one of my favorite boots on the market at the moment. The one area where many players will have questions is what protection these cleats offer? You are definitely losing some of the protection benefits because of the ultrathin microfiber upper, but overall I found them to be just as effective as other lightweight boots on the market!

Puma Orange V1.10 SLPuma V1.10 SL Orange

Another key question about the V1.10 SL centers around their sizing, with many people unsure of what size to order. I normally wear a size 9US, so decided it only made sense to get a size 9.5 and 10. Both fit pretty well, but it was quiet evident that the 10 was a better option. They fit pretty tight and a little narrow at the toe area.
My advice: Make sure to order a full size up!

Puma V1.10 SL

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  1. Hey so I wear a size 11/12 and i was just wondering why these types of pumas don't go higher than a 10.5? Thanks!

  2. Hey Bryan,

    I was actually wondering the same thing as "CARL." I've been wanting to buy these shoes for sooooo long but they only make them up to size 10.5 in all colors. Do you know why this is? any idea when or if they will start releasing bigger sizes?


  3. That is a good question! I will try find out via Puma

  4. hey I was wondering where you find these in size 10.5?

  5. how do they fit in direct comparison to the puma power cats, and the normal v1.10. i wear 9.5 in the powercats, and there is some dead space on the top of the toes, which makes me kick the ground sometimes, how would these compare in terms of fit?

  6. @Bob

    They offer a completely different fit, compared to the Powercat they have the same shape, but they fit a full size smaller. You would want a 10 in these.

  7. when is the puma v1.11 coming out?

  8. I wore these in a rugby game against Scotland, i was unsure at first because the studs look small at the front, but these are amazing. I know wear the new v1.11 sl = osm shoes!

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