Saturday , September 23 2023

Just Arrived: Pantofola d’Oro and Mizuno Morelia

Pantofola d'Oro Soccer Cleat

Two pretty sweet pair of boots arrived today and I am very excited to test out both!

First is the pretty amazing Pantofola d’Oro Lazzarini Canguro in classic red. Taking these out of the box for the first time made me feel like I was playing in another generation of football – they ooze class and heritage. The leather is quite spectacular (not a word I have ever used when describing leather before) and the design is about as minimal as it gets. The best thing about these boots is that they are hand crafted, so basically someone, rather than a machine, was responsible for how these were created. Love it! One more image included below as a teaser!

Second is the long awaited delivery of the Mizuno Morelia, a boot that so many of you have been telling me to review for a while. They turned out to be pretty tough to get my hands on, but now that they are here I can tell the wait will be worth it. Loving the design and the colorway At first glance, the overall look of the boot seems to hold some similarities to the Puma King Finale, something I hadn’t noticed before. Definitely looking forward to testing them on the field! Stay tuned for a full review and more in-depth details on both boots!

Mizuno Morelia Soccer Cleat

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  1. How are you getting your hands on all these Mizuno cleats?

  2. Where did you get the pantofola d'Oro cleats from?

  3. the pantos look like ice skating boots but super keen how they'll be like. Maybe could even match the copas!

  4. No fair! i was planning on buying those pantofolo d'oros but in the brown colorway (idk why but i just love em) well i will be looking forward to see how they work out for you.

  5. What category do the Morelias fit into? I was looking to either get the morelias or the supersonic waves

  6. Cool, but you definitely should have gotten the Japan made Morelias. They have superior construction. Like the difference between the German made Copas and the Indonesian made Copas.

  7. I really like your site. Where did you get the pantofola d'Ora boots from?

  8. Awesome pics–can't wait for the reviews.

  9. Those pantofola d'oros are gorgeous. I've been waiting for a reiew of those.

  10. Bryan, please man. Do the Pantofolas first. I am waiting on a review on these for a long time. Many thanks. Great site.

  11. Where did u go to get these boots?

  12. The mizuno looks pretty good!

  13. This site is mint.

    bryan, would you say that hits for this site have gone up increasingly and dramatically from like 2009 to now?

  14. Pantofola is it oversize? i plan to get one but not too sure about the size??


  15. Pantofolas look nice.


    In your review could include where you got the pantofolas from?

    And also could you say how sizing compares to the Vapor V?


  16. i wud like to purchase these pantafola’s boots,anyone can help me wit tis?i am an indonesian.any ways tat i can get it thru e net?pls help. .Thanks.

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