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Puma Faas 300 Running Shoe

Puma Faas 300In the past few weeks, you might have spotted the release of the very exuberant Puma Faas range of running shoes. Basically, Puma have created a full range of super charged footwear that is inspired by the fastest country in the world – Jamaica.

Ever since I spotted the advertising campaign, I have been very eager to see how they perform, so I figured I would grab a pair to test them out! There was just something about their design and Puma’s marketing that completely grabbed my attention. Now, I don’t claim to know much about running shoes and I only run to keep fit. I think people who run competitively could give you a more in-depth review of how these perform compared to other running shoes, but I wanted to also add my two cents and let you know how they worked out for me (to be honest, I was just looking for an excuse to get my hands on a pair!)

Puma Faas 300 running shoe

Whats so different about the Faas range?
Puma have gone with a ‘less is more’ approach with the Faas series by removing the bells, whistles, and traditional running shoe reinforcements and replacing them with a new lightweight system called BioRide. BioRide is broken into three different parts of technology – Rocker, Flex, and Groove. For more on the three parts, check out the video below that highlights the Faas 500 series. By removing all the extras, Puma have created a lightweight shoe that simply focuses on running performance.

Puma Faas 250, 300 and 500 – whats the difference?
It is all part of the Faas cushioning scale, with the lower the number the more minimal the shoe. Or, the higher the number the higher the cushioning – depends what way you want to look at it. While checking them out at the store, I noticed the Faas 250 has a see through mesh offer, so I imagine they are going to be more suitable for warmer climates.

Loving how these running shoes look! There are a bunch of different colorways available, I went for the more bland Black/Pewter/Puma Silver design, although I could have easily gone for the dynamic looking Blue/White/High Risk Red colorway. The design is inspired by an early 70’s steeplechase spike, featuring an air mesh upper and perforated medial and lateral sides for extra breathability.

Puma Faas 300 Sole

How do they feel to run in?
Absolutely fantastic – these are without a doubt one of the best running shoes I have worn. The one thing that is noticeable about them is how much control you get when running on bumpy ground. You feel more controlled when landing each step, which I am sure is related to the Groove technology – allowing your foot to slightly sway without it giving. They felt great from the first wear and didn’t cause any discomfort. I run to work 2-3 miles a week, around 5 miles each way and they have felt great every time.

Oh, and did I mention the fact that these wear a mere 7.0oz? Yeah, that’s right. Normally, a running shoe will be anywhere from 9oz to 11oz, which makes these even more impressive. Of course, the concern with that is that you are taking away from comfort, but I found the Faas 300 to be well padded in just the right areas. And in my opinion, you do notice a difference in how these feel on your feet.

Faas 300 PumaFinishing Up
Ok, so I think you might have noticed that I really like these running shoes – and the truth is I totally do. Puma have done a great job of combining lightweight and comfort to produce an extremely versatile running shoe. And when it comes to the entire range, remember that the lower the number, the more minimal the shoe is. Personally, I found that the 300 were ideal for me, although I will be trying to get my hands on both the 250 and 500 range to see how they compare!

Finally, if you decide to buy a pair, I recommend checking them out at the online PUMA store where you can get them on the PUMA Time Trial Program. This basically means you can try them out for 30 days risk free and if you don’t like them you get a full refund.

Puma Faas 300

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  1. i can't find the black and yellow faas 300 on the puma website. i am a regular puma buyer and could make use of these!

  2. @John

    Maybe they are exclusive to <a href="” target=”_blank”>FinishLine but that is where you can find them (I bought them in-store)

  3. How much do they cost?

  4. Sorry but those running shoes are really ugly. I wear Mizunos personally.

  5. I agree with Michael not the best looking shoe, sort of a metallic look. It looks a lot like a nike free run+ knock off. But I may be wrong, the only question I have is how the shoes perform on dirt. I run a lot on a dirt tracks and have found that I have to overcompensate for the lack of traction with some running shoes.

  6. i think they are really nice. not too bright but not dull either. great combo of colors!

  7. I'm really liking the faas range, but I would definitely go for a brighter colorway.

  8. Do these run true to size?

  9. @Caleb

    I found that they did for me – it really depends on whether you like a tight or loose fitting running shoe (some people like it loose and order a half size up.)

  10. Hey Bryan, how are the width with this shoe?

    I went by my local Puma store but they haven't been released here in Canada yet so I am going to take advantage of the 30 day trial. From my experience puma fits slightly small, well the cleats do.

    i tried on a pair of like track type running shoes and a 7 fit me in length as they were very thin upper with zero padding but the width seemed too narrow and they didn't have a 7.5 for me to try on and see how those would fit.

    How are the upper on these? I don't want a shoe that I have to tie up tight which I have found happened with my Nike LunarGlides which are 7.5 (perfect length, weird width)

    • Width wise they work very well for me, and I am a medium/wide fit. Puma shoes do run small, but I found the Faas series is very close to a true to size fit.

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