Wednesday , May 29 2024

Just Arrived: Mizuno Universe 3

Mizuno Universe 3

A collection of running shoes arrived in today from Mizuno, all of which I will highlight in the next few weeks. But I could’t help but highlight the Mizuno Universe 3. Why? Because they weigh in at 3.8oz – and yes, I did just type 3.8oz!! These things are about as light as you can get! And even though I hope I never see a soccer cleat that is that light (primarily because of protection), I am pretty excited to check out how these running shoes feel to run in. Stay tuned for more details on these and the other shoes sent over from Mizuno!

And if you have not yet, make sure to add your name to our Mizuno to USA petition!

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  1. Wow!! How did they even do that? I have a nice pair of puma faas 500, beautiful they are! Those have a pretty good price for running shoes, nowhere near what we pay for soccer cleats!

  2. Do these look pinkish in person? Because that has been the only thing stopping me from buying these.

    • soccercleats101

      They sort of do to be honest. The overlay is white and the underlay is like a blood red – both visually they kind of have a pink tint. I have not had the opportunity to wear them in daylight yet.

  3. Dang that's freakin amazing…

  4. wow. 3.8 oz! that's insane

  5. Which do you prefer to do to improve/maintain fitness: Run on concrete in running shoes, or run on grass in soccer boots?

    • soccercleats101

      Great question Brook – I think it comes down to a mix of both to be honest. It is important to get a feel for running on grass, but I personally find it easier to run longer distance while road running!

  6. These are so flipping light. Do you know where we can get these at Bryan. Also How many signatures on the Mizuno petition. I am becoming ever impressed with Mizuno and can't wait for that petition to be sent out.

  7. That is amazing! And I thought adizeros were light! I dont even think it is possible to be this light. But apparently it is!

  8. anyone can make a bad shoe light. I want to see how they keep togather

  9. Hey Bryan, these shoes are very very cool and I would definitely like to buy a pair. I'm currently in Beijing as of now and will be here for another week or so.

    I was wondering if you knew if Mizuno brand shoes were sold in China? If so, I will definitely try to find a Mizuno store and track down a pair.

    Cheers bryan I love the site keep it up man,

  10. Bryan, if you've worn them at all, can you update us on the durability? i dont mind the color, its just at 3.8 ounces i hope they stick together! and how is the traction?

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