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Adidas Samba Millennium Indoor Review

Adidas Samba Millennium

If you are looking for a non-flashy, consistent performing indoor soccer shoe, the Adidas Samba Millennium might just be your answer. Following in regular Adidas tradition, the Samba Millennium have been crafted with the finest materials and technology. As a result of all the finer details comes one addition – weight, but this of course is welcomed by players who want a solid, no-nonsense shoe. After testing the Puma Liga Sala Finale, there was something quiet familiar about the Samba Millennium! Both shoes have a lot in common and definitely fall into the same category of indoor shoe.

Here is how testing of the White/Black colorway went – check current availability.

Breaking In/Comfort

There is a slightly stiff feel about the Samba Millennium when you first take them out of the box. The leather upper feels fantastic in hand, but in play it takes a little bit of work to get the full benefits of the shoe. It took a few wears before I felt like it had adapted to my movements in game. But once you get past that tough exterior, you are getting a solid performer. One of the advantages of a shoe like this is that it easily doubles as an everyday shoe and I took the opportunity to wear them on a day-to-day basis. To be honest, this actually helped to really mold the shoe to the shape of my foot. If you are comparing these to a car, then you are getting the keys to a brand new Hummer when you buy a pair of these – they might be gas guzzlers, but the Samba Millennium offers a high level of comfort with an all round solid level of performance!

Indoor Soccer Adidas Samba Millennium

Adidas Indoor Shoe


Where the Puma Liga Sala Finale falls slightly short, the Samba Millennium truly excels – and that is in traction. Take one look at the sole of these shoes and you know there is just something special about them. Although they hold several similarities to the Liga Sala, Adidas have separated the front and back of the sole with an indent through the middle. This is key as it adds an extra level of mobility for quick turns. It almost gives the opposite facing ridges along the back of the sole an opportunity to really grab the indoor surface without slowing you down when you need it most.


Once broken in, the performance of these shoes is just as you would desire. When you need that extra grip to stop or accelerate, the Samba Millennium complies to your call. I found them to be a great boot for passing and shooting, while the upper is solid enough to withstand any sort of hard indoor challenges you face. And, one of the highlights of the shoe comes with the durability you are getting. There are not that many shoes out there that will match the lasting level you will get from these. And with a long-lasting boot comes the comfort of knowing it will be even more reliable as it gets older!

Adidas Indoor soccer shoe

Adidas Samba Millennium shoe

The only area I could fault the shoe is in the weight department, as they offer a slightly heavy feel right through the shoe. Now, this is not necessarily a bad thing as it will compliment players who are looking for a consistent performing boot that offers great durability. They have not been created for the quick, running all around the court, trickster. Instead, they are designed to match the player who likes to take control of the court with short passes and hard work.

Touch and Control

There is a lot of added padding on the Samba Millennium that results it a very well protected boot, but this takes away from touch and feel on the ball. You are not going to get the same lightweight feel on the ball that you will get with something like the Nike5 Lunar Gato. I found there were times when I was left wanting with what the Samba Millennium offered. To be controversial, I found these shoes offer better touch and control for slower players who need time on the ball.

The suede toe cap wraps right around the front of the shoe and up along the outside of the lacing. It offers optimal protection for shooting, especially if you like to strike solid shots. It also adds extra protection around the region, but of course the downside lies in the fact that it is an additional level of material that takes away from touch. When everything is considered, you are giving up touch for additional protection.

Critics Notes

Because of how Adidas have built the Samba Millennium, there is an increased amount of weight compared to other similar releases on the market. Not to harp on too much about weight, but at 12.4oz, these indoor shoes are not going to suit all  player styles. What they will do is give you maximum support on the ground.

Classic Adidas Samba Millennium


The real benefit of the Adidas Samba Millennium lies in the fact that they double as a pretty sweet looking everyday sneaker, and I have made the most of wearing them outside of soccer. If I was to use one word that sums up these shoesit would be “sturdy” as they offer a comfortable fit and are suitable for pretty much every player on an indoor court – pending you are not concerned with weight. In game, they perform well and I didn’t encounter any real issues breaking them in. The key is ensuring you really spend time shaping them to your foot. These are the type of shoe that almost get better with age, sort of like the Adidas Copa Mundial – the more you wear them, the better they mold to your feet!

Adidas Samba Millennium Indoor

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  1. I prefer Range Rover or more aptly, G-Wagen over Hummers.
    Samba/Samba Millennium are virtually indestructible and they do get better the more you wear them. These are no-nonsense everyday workboots (sticking with car analogy, it's like Mercedes diesel taxis seen in many cities in Europe) and I wear them almost every day. I've tried Samba Millenniums a few times but since Sambas are more readily available, I've always had a pair or two of Sambas in my shoe closet since I was 15. Before I part ways with the old pair, I squash down the heels and wear them like clogs.

    Wonderful shoes.

  2. Do a review of the Adipure IV Indoor they sell at miadidas. Adipure IV upper (K-leather) with indoor sole. Sounds good!

  3. For your reviews you should REALLY start adding how boots fit compared to other ones or just how they fit in general, for many reviews your forget to add how they fit :/ .. just one thing other then that their always great, this is my fave site:)

  4. My friend has those! They look good for every day wear.

  5. Hey Bryan, did you get any blisters while breaking them in? I bought a pair recently, and they are giving me killer blisters, Any advice?

  6. I took my milleniums for granted until I had it for a month. I LOVED them. Heavy but durable and an extreme amount of protection which for me is a must have. I still have them. Two years, maybe. Only problem is my soles were worn out after a few miles.

  7. HI Bryan,
    Can u give some comments on the fitting and sizing. ? Do these synthetic leather upper stretch? I wear a size 7 copa mundial oudoors. Hoping to order a 7.5 Samba indoor. Please advice. Thanks again for a wonderful site for serious soccer amateur players.–shubho

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