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Kelme Master Moleon

Kelme Master Moleon

Every so often, I get a pair of soccer cleats that I just can’t find time to review and they end up sitting in my closet for a few weeks without use. This is the case with the Kelme Master Moleon that I purchased on eBay back in February. I have had the opportunity to wear them twice, but with a stream of new boots on the way for review, I am not going to get them out again. With that in mind, let me offer a short summary of what you can expect from them – just in case you are deciding on whether to pick up a pair or not!

Designed for Comfort
The Kelme Master Moleon has been designed with one thing in mind – comfort. They are about the most padded soccer cleats I have seen for a while, with plenty of protection right around the boot. Having weighed them, they actually weigh in slightly over 10oz, which I have found to be heavier than stated by other sources. In particular, the heel offers a very snug feel, with a thick layer of foam ensuring you don’t suffer any blister or general heel issues.

Kelme Master Moleon review

Kelme Master Moleon detailing

They Fit Long
I ordered a size 9US, and found that these boots fit long. If buying them again, I would look for a size 8 or 8.5US for a much better fit. If you decide to order them true to your normal size, you will find a lot of extra room around the toes. They are also a pretty ideal option for players who need a nice wide fit.

K-Leather Upper
Kelme use a soft K-Leather that offers great feel and durability. I did find the material to be a little thick, so you don’t quiet get the best touch on the ball. Off-centered lacing ensures you are getting a large strike zone. One nice feature about the cleats is that Kelme use a strap that goes around the tongue and under the sole, meaning it fits ultra snug to the top of your foot – a great touch!

Kelme Master Moleon soleplate

Kelme Master Moleon

I am not overly familiar with the Kelme range of boots, but if these are anything to go by, Kelme do a great job of creating a solid, durable boot! Having said that, I am not quiet sure what category these cleats fall into. They don’t have much in the way of being a power boot, and they are too heavy to fall in the speed category. I guess you could place them as an all round performer. For my playing style, they are way to padded and offer a bulky feel. Defenders will probably benefit most from the Master Moleon, although wingers and forwards might also find a place for them in their arsenal. If you do decide to buy a pair, you can get them from for $140 – but I recommend checking out eBay where you can find some good deals.

Finally, these boots will be used as a giveaway in the next week, but in a unique way! Stay tuned for more details.

Kelme Master Moleon

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  1. Hey Bryan I have two questions. Are you going to put these up for grabs since you said that you don't really use them? And how many signatures on the Mizuno petition? Oh and one more. would you be interested in letting me write a review for my newpair of Pirma Gladiator 4's. I just got them in the mail but after Iput them through their paces a couple weeks from now I would love to share my thoughs about them with the community on SC101.

  2. Hmmm, aren't these basically the same as the Puma v1.06's?

  3. Great boot! Lightweight, comfortable, with wonderful touch. They do run long. I usually wear a 10, but the 9.5 in the Kelme fit perfectly. 4.5 out of 5 stars

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