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Lionel Messi - Adidas F50 adiZero Leather - Soccer Cleats 101
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Tuesday , June 18 2024

Lionel Messi – Adidas F50 adiZero Leather

Messi wears Leather F50 adiZeroHonestly, is there a better soccer player than Lionel Messi in the world right now? Scrap that, has there been a better soccer player than Lionel Messi before now? With 52 goals in 50 games this season, there is no doubting that we currently live in the age of a soccer legend – one we get to watch play weekly! I caught the below highlight video of Messi versus Real Madrid this past week in the Champions League first leg and had to put up a post about it…..watching him makes you want to grab a ball, find a field and just play!

The big question is “has it got anything to do with his footwear?” Messi currently wears the Adidas F50 adiZero in the leather version and they seem to be the best soccer cleats to suit his game right now. When he runs with the ball, he glides and the ball always seems to stick to his feet! If the guy was wearing clogs, he would probably be able to do exactly what he is doing right now – but the best players in the world look for the boot that matches the high level of their games. Messi could choose any boot out there, but the one he has chosen to be the best is currently the F50 adiZero. The most interesting part for me is that Messi goes with the regular version over the ultra lightweight Primes.  I am sure that has more to do with Messi’s personal preference than anything else, but it does show that going for the lighter, more expensive boot is not always the way – comfort and performance rules!

Having tested the leather adiZero, I rate them as one of the best boots on the market and have admitted recently that I prefer the leather version over the synthetic, specifically because of touch. If you want to wear the same cleats as Messi, they are available for $199 at (or $179.99 if you have Goal Club!)

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  1. He does wear the leather upper, but i have heard rumors that he and other adizero leather wearers have kangaroo leather instead of calf. I do not know if this is true, but it would make sense since most people prefer kangaroo leather to calf leather.

  2. True he is an extremely talented player..however the second things stop going the way he wants them to Messi will take the dive and argue with refs for calls. Its weak and pathetic when players dive, I'd personally prefer to watch a less talented player fight hard and accept the fact that they won't win every single challenge.

  3. I ordered a pair of his cleats, the orange leather ones. They should be here sometime next week, hopefully.

    Now I've played in Mercurials my life, and I love them. But with the last generation Vapors, it took a good while to break them. Just like Bryan said in his review. The carbon sole gets real stiff, and actually hurts your feet at times. But other than that, I love them.

    But I'm really excited to switch it up, and try out the Adizeros. Hopefully they hold up to all the hype.

    I'm surprised Messi doesn't wear the Primes. But I guess if he prefers the leather, that would make sense. I personally think the Primes look overdone anyway. Which the colored studs and all.

  4. apparently, according to an interview, Messi wears the leather versions for a better touch and for the better comfort.

  5. I'm surprised Adidas hasn't came out with a personalized version of the Zeros for Messi. He had the gold/black ones for the first style of the F50s, but they haven't brought out a version like that yet, for the current style.

  6. Messi is a beast.

  7. But his team mates are a disgrace, especially Alves, Busquets and Pedro.

    • okay, thats why dani alves isnt on the BRAZILIAN NATIONAL TEAM, and thats why sergio busquets isnt on the SPANISH NATIONAL TEAM, QUESTIONABLY THE BEST TEAM THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN. im sure youre one of those ronaldo tools who is so quick to back ronaldo and not take any time to look at facts you fucking backwoods brushape go suck ronaldos dick.

  8. The lad is exceptional and a privilege to watch.

  9. I love Lionel Messi soccer player, soccer player itself is beautiful, and hard to like him.

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