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Mizuno Wave Ignitus 2 Released

Mizuno Ignitus 2

Our friends at Mizuno just sent over some pics of their newly released and updated version of the super popular Wave Ignitus 2. The initial rollout comes in two new colorways, a Black/Pink (as pictures) and Blue Danube/White/Dress Blue.

Both versions feature a K-leather upper and have been designed with the very advanced Mukaiten panel that creates an opportunity to reduce spin on shots. For those that master the Mukaiten panel, you can actually create no-spin shots! Mizuno use a new stud configuration that is designed to improve traction on firm ground and reduces stud pressure, improving flexion and enhancing comfort through integrated Mizuno Wave Technology.

Mizuno Ignitus 2 Sole

This time last year, Mizuno were just your run of the mill footwear company. But after the attention they received for their fantastic performance at last summers World Cup, they are now talk of the town. This latest release fall in line with a conservative approach to the market. Mizuno have not altered too much from the original release, and why should they? The Wave Ignitus found a huge following and I really didn’t hear too many players complain about their performance. I tested the Wave Ignite (synthetic upper rather than leather) and they performed really well – I recommend checking the review out if you want to know more about the technology used. Design wise, I am not to sure about this Black/Pink combo as the colors really clash too much. I am interested to hear your thoughts on the new look.

wave ignitus-2

Finally, we here in the US still have to live the pain of not having immediate access to any of the Mizuno range. Of course, the one thing you can do to make a difference is sign our “Bring Mizuno to the US” petition. The current tally stands at 947 signatures, but we need more to make a real impression!

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  1. I am fan of the black/pink colorway but would prefer a black/dark purple or dark metallic purple colorway. it would give the cleats a sleeker appearance while maintaining a more balanced and accessible level of "flash".

  2. c'mon sign the petition please!! i want some damn ignitus's and supersonic's!! 🙂

  3. I love the way these look. Personally Bryan how would you say these fit having tested these in the synthetic upper. Do they fit wider? I am asking because my dad would like to purchase me a pair of these when I start playing highschool soccer later this year.

  4. is it available in singapore?

  5. This cleat smells like a dead mammal.

  6. Mary Ellennette M. Apale

    I like to order Wave Ignitus 2, pink & black color, size 9 US size, for my youngest. He has wave ignitus, yellow & white. This new boot is his bday gift. Ty

  7. Adipower or Ignitus 2… which one is better? I really want to know, but I'll buy the adipowers since they are available in soccer.com. If the ignitus 2 was sold in soccer.com then that would be a totally different story.

  8. I have both models, the second model here is only in Blue, pretty much only three colors for both models, at one point they sold the red. On the second model here it isn't K leather it is synthetic. They just released the lower end shoes this month here while the higher end has already gone on clearance. It was a special release here and will not be sold many places, they actually have a Japan only version here. You may luck out on rakuten global and find someone who will ship to the US, but good luck. I paid 10,000 yen for mine limited edition and 7400 yen for my first generation. Sign the petition there are so many cool boots over here that you would just drool.

  9. I got some from prodirectsoccer in blue and black and i love them. They take awhile to ship but the cleats are amazing. The mukaiten panel actually works its not just a gimmick

  10. i like it

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