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Nike Vapor VII Review

Nike Vapor VII

One of the most commonly worn soccer cleats by professional players right now is the Nike Vapor VII. Nike has continually delivered high performing boots and matched their follow-up releases with updates to suit evolving player styles. This latest release seems to go against the trend and it seems like Nike have found what they deem to be a pretty solid package.

Of course, this has caused debate among fans who wanted a revamp of the Vapor range, nonetheless I was happy to get a pair into testing to see just how they performed this time around – the results were very favorable. For this review I wore a size 9US in the original release Red Plum/Windchill/Volt colorway.

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Plum Nike Vapor VII

Vapor VI vs Vapor VII

There are basically only two noticeable changes between the releases. First, Nike has removed the lace cover, something that has been applauded by many fans. On the Vapor VI, the lace cover made it extremely difficult to tighten the laces or change them out when the time came. The second difference lies in the visual design. This time, Nike use a streamlined pattern along the heel region. It seems to catch the eye a lot easier. The one other change that you won’t notice unless you have worn the VI before the VII is Nike has lowered the angle of the toe to create a better fit.

Breaking In

The one major positive about these boots is that they break in extremely easily. In fact, I was able to get some sprints and sharp turns in while wearing them for the first time! I love the feel of the well padded upper, which is extremely spongy just inside the ankle area, creating a comfortable fit. I got them into a game on the second time of wearing and they worked out really well. The soleplate also offers a flexible feel, so you can be confident in the fact that they will start moving in tandem with you feet pretty quickly. This means no cramping and a more form fitting boot. When I tested the Vapor VI, I had a very different experience while breaking them in, so it seems like Nike have made some alterations to the soleplate.

Nike Vapor VII Design


You can’t question Nike’s desire to produce boots that are visually effective on the field. The addition of a new Volt pattern around the heel and into the instep region is quite striking. You can see the lightning effect that it creates and I have had several players state that the design is extremely easy to spot in game, particularly under night lights. I’m not a fan of the primary Plum colorway, but I have heard that Nike strategically used the color as it blends most effectively with the volt yellow. Alternatively, there is also a Photo Blue/Pure Platinum/Total Orange colorway that has slightly more appeal.

Nike Swoosh


A Teijen Microfiber upper matched with a Tepex glass composite chassis allows for a lightweight boot that comes in at 8oz. I like the fact Nike has stuck with a well built upper that offers some protection instead of focusing on lowering the overall weight of the boot. Compared to the Vapor VI, you are getting the same boot with the same materials. It is simply in visual design where these differ from the Vapor VI. I personally feel like the pattern on this release improves the boot, but it doesn’t increase the actual technology.

Nike Vapor VII Soleplate

How they Fit

I found that the Vapor VII offers a very suitable option for wide fitting players. Many players suffer problems around the mid area of the soleplate, but Nike offer a nice wide fit to accommodate most players. Ordering true to size is the way to go, with a 9US suiting my fit perfectly. They also fit in a very similar fashion to other Vapor releases.


It is tough to find any negatives about these boots, they offer an all around competitive mix. Performance wise, they work fantastically well and I can see just why Nike has decided to stick with a pretty identical boot to the Vapor VI. Why fix it if it isn’t broken? The one thing I am not a fan of though is the colorway, but I guess that is just an acquired taste!

New Nike Vapor


Nike continue their tradition of releasing top rated boots with the Vapor VII. On release, many fans criticized the fact Nike had created little to no updates, but to be honest, this is a very tidy little release. The minor updates that Nike has made have only created a more defined cleat that competes at the top of the market. The one exciting thing about the Vapor VII is that it suits all players on the field, something that can’t be said about the majority of lightweight releases on the market. Nike use a very well constructed upper that offers protection, while also giving you a lightweight feel. If you can get past the colorway (or are a fan of the Red Plum) then you have to seriously consider these boots!

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  1. Looks nice!

  2. Question: I used get heel blisters (no matter how broken in they were) from Vapor 2-4. Haven't tried them since, I tried Merc 6 – Miracles and liked how soft the heels were and never got a single blister from them. Are the new Vapors similar in the heel section? Vapor 2-4 had stiff heel cups, along with the little bump that caused blisters, but from the pics they don't seem to have those bumps.. Can some one let me know on this? thanks!

    • hi Dvilla i think the vapor vii will have the same heel cup as the miracles i would think and these dont have the bumps that was in 2-4 hopes this helps you

  3. I think people are unfair about the vapor and superfly. As you said the upper is a great compromise of weight and performance, and the price comes down pretty quickly. I got the elite superflys for $200

  4. If you don't like the current color there will be a white/red volt and orange version. The plum red is growing on me.

  5. Great review!
    well, that's a pleasant suprise! I wonder If superfly are going to be better than these! However I don't really think so because of the carbon fibre.
    I recently bought Superfly 1 and I'm still having hard time breaking in! Any tips?

  6. As a Nike tester I have been testing vapors since the vapor IV (Still in my opinion the best of the vapor series in terms of overall fit and performance) I haven't really liked any of the vapors since. They have gotten progressively longer in length and sharper in the cleat. The Vapor sole is a really grippy sole. In fact so, I seriously hurt my knee in them. Do not wear these on turf. These are like super brakes and will lock your legs in. I just wish they would bring out a leather version in the vapor series. I've been asking, so we'll see…

  7. I never understood why Nike doesn't release every boot in a standard black with white tick colorway. That way, if someone doesn't like the released colorways,they can just go for the classic one. I would love to try these, but refuse to wear anything other than black and white cleats.

  8. do these have really high arch support? my feet have really high arches and it seems these Vapors VII have that high arch support… someone please confirm … better yet, are there any other cleats out there with high arch support as well? … Thx in advance 🙂

  9. Bryan,
    Just wanted to hear your opinion on these cleats feel when it comes to striking, ball handling, and crossing. Thanks in advance.

  10. hi billy here how does the sizing compared to the vapor 6 because i usually wear 9.5 but with the vapor 6 i had to buy size 9 so are these the same or not ?

    so should i get 9 or 9l5 in the vapor 7

  11. I love this review. It's spot on, even if I'm sad it doesn't comment on the durability. I do slightly disagree on the fact that it fits wide-fitting players. It is actually one of the narrowest boots I have tried on, except for the toe area is slightly wider.

  12. after wearing them in my first game (after a 20 minute jogging session), i blistered both my heels on these… but performance-wise, they were quite something

  13. are themiracles better than these???

  14. are the miracles better than these???

  15. i have these in a size 11 and theres a fair amount of room in the front by my toes, should i go a half a size down? or would they be to tight because i like a close fit

  16. would you recommend vapor vIII or the tiempo IVs for me- I like to dribble, make crossing balls, and do quick one two passes and need good arch support? thanks, and i love the reviews!

  17. I wear an 8.5 in CTR's and they fit great and i play attacking mid, i like vapors but i hear a lot of people say that these run a half size big. The Adipower pred boot tended to slip at the heal for me so i sent them back and they felt a little long at the end too for an 8.5. Should i get a 8.5 in vaps or an 8? any suggestions would help. Thanks all.

  18. what do i do if my sole plate starts to seperate from the base of the boot?

  19. Do these have a good touch on the ball?

  20. Hello Bryan.

    i would like to know how is the durability of these cleats?

  21. Hello Brian. How would you rate the Elite version? Same color

  22. Hello Brian,

    I am planning on getting back into playing soccer after a couple years. Therefore I am in the market for new cleats (up to about $220 that is). I will likely be playing multiple positions, likely concentrated between CB, CM, and possibly RM. What would you recommend? I would like something that has good first touch and passing designs, but of course, is not all that heavy (although with the possibility of CB, not too light).

  23. question: can i use these vapor FGs on artificial turf? i will be playing ONLY on artificial turf, but i saw some people saying the FG studs could break or they're too slippery on short turf.

    • oh btw my other options are the HG versions, but im kind of reluctant to get those because they arent as light and they dont use the best technology that they use on the FG versions

    • They are not the most suitable for turf and there is a chance that the blades could snap, but I wore my pair on AF with little to no problems. Your ideal solution would be to try and get a pair with the Nike AG soleplate.

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