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Lionel Messi Personalized Adidas F50 adiZero

Adidas F50 adiZero Electricity

You might have spotted some images of the boots Lionel Messi was going to wear in last nights Champions League final over the past week. Well, Messi wore them last night with absolute style while proving beyond doubt that he is the best player in the world right now.

Well, now the Electricity/Infrared/Sharp Purple colorway is available to players in the US. They come with Messi’s preferred Leather upper and weigh in at an ultralight 6oz. Through testing the F50 adiZero, I preferred the full-grain adiLite leather upper myself due to what I determined to be better touch and a higher level of control on the ball. The colorway itself is quite unique and offers a completely different look. The bright Electricity yellow is sure to stand out no matter what your team colors are, without looking out of place (as long as you are a good player that is!)

Electricity F50 adiZero

Electricity Adidas adiZero

There are obviously several differences between Messi’s personalized pair and the ones you can get. Messi’s pair have been designed to his specifications and include: a more padded/redesigned heel region, an Argentina flag, Messi’s name and number – I am sure there are also other more in-depth changes we can’t see. The heel is obviously an important area where Messi requires more padding, with players continually chopping at his feet. I’m not surprised that he requested a different design to provide additional protection. Basically, what this colorway does is give you the opportunity to wear the same look as the creative Argentinian talisman!

Adidas F50 adiZero Messi

Lionel Messi in adiZero

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  1. I wish I would have saw these before I bought my current orange ones. Because these are awesome looking. I love them.

  2. bryan correct me if i am wrong… the new leather adizeros (second gen we will say) have that plastic thing on the toe now and the syns do not. i have not seen the leathers in the store yet but from pics online its looks like there is extra protection on the toe with the leathers… this posting here does not show it.

  3. How do leather adizeros run compared to vapor VII’s because my size 7 leather adizeros run the same as my 7.5 talaria Vs. Thank you

  4. do they sell them right now plz reply back they are sick 6-11-11

  5. what plastic thing are you talking about? @mario
    they are out on soccer.com but on pre-order. i have to wait for mine till first week of july -_-

  6. I have the synthetic 300$ ones, i just bought them from a nearby Soccer Master store and to be honest, they're amazing. Very sick and light.

  7. Hey I got messis shoes but in purple they look sick there light there bomg ass but man tight

  8. wait man, were they seriously that good? sometimes i feel the synthetic is like plastic on your foot.

  9. adizero's are awesome the blue ones and the black and orange

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