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Nike5 Elastico Pro Indoor Shoe Review

Elastico Pro Indoor

If you are on the market for an Indoor shoe, Nike offers the Nike5 Elastico Pro, a shoe developed with optimal traction, control and accuracy in mind. This review has been a long time in coming and I took the opportunity to wear these in two weekend tournaments to get a competitive feel for how they perform. They have an extremely unique look and I wasn’t too sure what to think of the unusually textured sole that Nike use.

During testing, I wore a size 9US in the Windchill/Bright Mandarin/Metallic Silver colorway. Read the full review and see detailed images below.

Nike Elastico Pro

Important Note on Sizing

The Nike5 Elastico Pro fit pretty tight, so I recommend ordering a half size up if you want the optimum fit from first wear. I ended up spending an extended period stretching my pair out in order to get them into playing shape.

Breaking In/Comfort

Because of the size issue, I ended up having a tough break-in period, but thankfully the upper is a natural leather and offers some stretch. Having spent a few days wearing them around, they started to match my fit and felt good. After going on a few jogs, they started to feel game ready and felt great on the court. I found that a major plus lies in the sole’s flexibility, which allows for plenty of mobility while twisting and turning. The heel is surrounded by a really soft die-cut EVA sockliner and you can feel its benefits. It basically molds to your heel and allows your heel an area to sink into.

One thing I did find is that the region between the bottom of the laces and the toe sits very close to your forefoot. For some players this will offer a snug fit, but it will cause discomfort if you have a wide foot. I can definitely see how it would benefit close touch and control, but again it might not suit all foot shape.

Nike5 Elastico pro Indoor


The most unusual aspect of this boot is the sole, which offers a quite unique outsole. You are getting two different levels of traction. An entirely new, low-profile small-sided court traction and a full-length rubber with toe/heel traction sit either side of mid-foot fins that are designed for maximum underfoot ball control. It offers a very unusual look and is slightly hit or miss in game. While on the ball, it feels solid and the mid-foot fins are a great addition. But there were a few times when as I went to sprint that they seemed to slide/give along the toe region.

Elastico Pro Detailing


These are definitely a solid performing indoor shoe, particularly when it comes to getting on the ball. The highlight for me lies in the touch they offer on the ball, particularly with the mid-foot fins. When it comes to shooting, you are not getting the most well protected boot out there and they definitely don’t make for a power boot, but you can hit a good ball with them. Considering you are not going to be playing many long balls inside, this shouldn’t cause any major issues. In an unusual twist, Nike use off-center lacing in the direction of your big toe rather than away. This reduces the strike zone but increases the surface ares for outside of the foot touches.

Nike Elastico Pro Indoor

Touch and Control

If you are wondering why there is an odd shaped orange region along the front of the shoe, it is a toe cap that is there to offer additional durability. While playing indoor, it protects the area of the shoe that touches the ball most frequently. Adding to that, it bends in just the right region to offer solid control. In general, the soft leather upper is perfect that indoor play.

Suede Toe Cover

Elastico Pro

Critics Notes

The only negative lies in the sole. I am not completely sold on the heel and toe region. At times I found they a little bit of traction and I would have preferred a little more texture for more grip. In contrast, the mid-foot fins are a great addition and almost make up for the negative!


Overall, I found the Elastico Pro to be one of the more unique releases I have tested, both in visual design and sole performance. In hindsight, they make for a solid performing shoe, but make sure to consider size before buying. They fit slightly tight and tacking on an extra half size will only help improve the comfort level. This particular colorway seems to be difficult to find at the moment, but Nike continue to release new versions – check below for a list of currently available options. For the price, they offer a solid investment and should give you good solid level of durability.

Search the current selection of Nike5 Elastico shoes at

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  1. knowing about the Sole and Size really help with Indoor! if the Sole is a little off then your game will suffer!

  2. Why did you choose to review the elastico pro? The finale is the top model in the elastico series

  3. the off centered lacing towards your big toe reminds me of the lacing on the ctr360

  4. Nice one Bryan…would you consider reviewing the Tiempo IV Mystic ICs? I've heard some good things about the IIIs

  5. I have had a pair of these for quite some time in the same colorway. I like them a lot. I wair them to school and I have gotten a lot of comments on them. I usually wear them for PE in case we are playing soccer.

  6. Hey Bryan I was just wondering if you were going to do a review on the Nike5 Street Gato. I currently have the Black/White/Volt colourway and I think they are super comfortable, stylish, and have very good grip elements. And they are a little lighter which is a plus! I would like to see a review on them here because I would like to see a comparison of them and the Lunar Gato.

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