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Nike Mercurial Vapor VII Safari

Safari Vapor VII detail

Rather than being a full review of the Nike Vapor VII, this post highlights the Safari pattern used on the release. Having had an opportunity to test them, I found that they perform in the very same fashion as the recently reviewed Vapor VII, and I recommend checking out that review as a reference for what you can expect. In the same fashion as the Superfly III Safari, Nike has gone with a Black-on-Black pattern on these boots that has a very effective on-field look.

Nike Vapor VII Safari

Nike Safari Vapor VII

Visual Vapor VII Safari

Safari Print Design
In 1987, Nike introduced the Air Safari running shoe. This is the second time that Nike has used the same leopard print design on a soccer cleat (with the original Superfly Safari release being the first). You will find that the primary black region on the upper has a slightly rough feel to it, while the black “Safari” dots have a lightly gripped feel – both intended to offer a closer control on the ball. The overall look is very effective in my opinion, and there is absolutely no other boot design on the market quite like it. Adding to that, the Volt Yellow swoosh along the side of the boot really stands out, particularly at night under the lights.

Breaking In
The one major positive about these boots is that they break in extremely easily. In fact, I was able to get some sprints and sharp turns in while wearing them for the first time! I love the feel of the well padded upper, which is extremely spongy just inside the ankle area, creating a comfortable fit. I got them into a game on the second time of wearing and they worked out really well. The soleplate also offers a flexible feel, so you can be confident in the fact that they will start moving in tandem with you feet pretty quickly. This means no cramping and a more form fitting boot. When I tested the Vapor VI, I had a very different experience while breaking them in, so it seems like Nike have made some alterations to the soleplate.

A Teijen Microfiber upper matched with a Tepex glass composite chassis allows for a lightweight boot that comes in at 8oz. I like the fact Nike has stuck with a well built upper that offers some protection instead of focusing on lowering the overall weight of the boot. Compared to the Vapor VI, you are getting the same boot with the same materials. It is simply in visual design where these differ from the Vapor VI. I personally feel like the pattern on this release improves the boot, but it doesn’t increase the actual technology.

Because they don’t feature Flywire or a Carbon Fiber soleplate, you are going to find that the Vapor VII series is a lot cheaper than the Superfly range. And, in my opinion they offer a much better value for money option!

Available From Version List Price
WeGotSoccerLogo Vapor VII $179.99
SoccerBanner Vapor VII $199.00

*all prices are subject to change over time

Safari Vapor VII Soleplate

Vapor Safari Design

Vapor VII Safari Pattern

Safari Vapor VII

*Boots supplied for review by Nike.

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  1. Wait… no carbon fiber sole plate?

    Since both the vapor VII and adipower are similar weight and price, how do these compare to the adipowers? In terms of touch, durability and all those good stuff.

  2. Why would you get these. They are the same as the non safari verision

  3. Due to personal preference I dislike the heel region. I think it's too high up and feels awkward as it bends when I strike the ball.

  4. no-no you understood my question wrong.
    It was directed at bryan. Asking why would he review these if they are exactly the same as the normal vapors just with safari print. So wouldent it b a waste of money to review these and the normal 1's.

  5. where can i buy these online were they arent fake because i want them and im willing to pay roughly 200 dollars ?

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