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Latest Nike5 Lunar Gato Colorways

Nike5 Lunar Gato Black

Right on top of the Indoor review page lies one of Nike’s most effect indoor shoes – the Nike5 Lunar Gato. Not only did I find these shoes effective on the court through testing, but I continue to use my pair on a daily basis as an everyday shoe! They offer great comfort and every pair in the range has their own unique look.

Which brings me to the current line up in the range. Nike has released three new colorways (from top to bottom): Black/Black/Tour Yellow/Neo Lime, White/Chlorine Blue/Metallic Platinum and a White/Dark Shadow/Bright Mango. When it comes to breaking in a new pair, they feel really good in every aspect from the padding on the tongue to the flexibility of the sole. For the first few wears, they feel pretty tight and it takes maybe 3-4 wears before they truly feel comfortable. But since testing, they have felt terrific and are now an absolutely perfect fit! Order true to size if you are looking to get a pair.

To find out exactly how they perform, check out our comprehensive review.

Black Tour Yellow Nike5 Lunar Gato

Blue Nike5 Lunar Gato

Nike5 Lunar Gato Mango

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  1. The mango color is definitely the best color out of the three. It also looks like a pretty good choice as a casual shoe too…

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