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Puma V1.11 versus V1.11 SL - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Puma V1.11 versus V1.11 SL

Puma V1.11 and SL

I haven’t had a chance to test out the Puma V1.11 or the Puma V1.11 SL yet. but since I had a pair of each lying around, I figured it would be a good idea to snap some pics of each and feature a generalized comparison. Typically, I wouldn’t wait long to get new boots into review, but both have caused some concerns size wise. Here are my important notes between both pairs.

Size – make sure to order up in size for both!
Normally, I would wear a size 9US for testing, but just like their predecessor (the V1.10 and V1.10 SL), both of these boots fit small. The V1.11 fits a half size small, so I am testing a size 9.5US, while the V1.11 SL fit a full size small. In fact, the pair in the pictures is a size 9.5US – and it fits like a 8.5US!

Weight – there is light, and then there is lighter.
Coming in at 8.2oz, many players will be satisfied with the lightweight nature of the Puma V1.11 – but for the ultimate lightweight experience, the V1.11 SL weighs in at an extremely tasty 5.6oz.

Design – whats the difference between versions?
The obvious difference lies with the lace cover found on the V1.11. It works great and the velcro keeps it in place nicely. A second difference lies in the soleplates (as seen below), with the V1.11 SL having a much more minimal design – to be expected for a lightweight boot. The final important difference lies in how the upper is attached to the soleplate. On the V1.11 you are getting a more highly structured, stitched and cemented joining. This offers better durability than you will find on the V1.11 SL, but it also raises the angle between the joining.

Which should I buy?
If you are looking for a guide on which pair to buy, it goes like this: the V1.11 are a more durable boot and they come in at a far better price. But the V1.11 SL offer an ultra Lightweight feel with a much better all around fit (once you get the right size). Either way, please consider my notes above on sizing before ordering a pair!

How much do they cost?
Since they are new to the market, you will find that both pairs are currently at full price. By August/September we will start to see some good deals on them. The Puma V1.11 comes in at $180, while the V1.11 SL is a little more expensive at $220.

Hopefully the images below answer some of your questions about the differences between both boots and give you an idea of what they are like. Stay tuned for a full review of the V1.11 in the next 1-2 weeks, while the SL will be posted in a few weeks once I get a better fitting size!

Puma V1.11 and SL Heel

comparison Puma V1.11 and SL

V1.11 versus SL soleplate

Puma V1.11 and SL

Puma V1.11 and Puma V1.11 SL

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  1. there's something that just feels a bit more natural with the SL's… probably with the visible lacing…

  2. the SL look great… but rather expensive.

  3. do you get youre shoes free?

  4. do the puma v1.11 sl studs wear out as much as the previous ones?

  5. Hi Brian, You said the toe box for 1.11 is stitched so it is raised a bit, will this hinder goal kicks/long clears or it is just a issue for like toe chip shots? Thanks. Also, does the SL version have the same problem?

    • You won't notice it too much when striking goal kicks, it is more of an issue that I noticed as a winger, when I am turning my foot into the ball. The shape of the V1.11 SL is completely different, much more natural feel.

  6. Do the v1.11 have an off center lace like the SL, or is it a covered center lace?

  7. Hi, If I wear a 9.5 in Nike ctr360 tranquartista, what would I wear in the v1.11 SL? a 10.5 or 10?

  8. I have a decently wide foot, I can wear vapors an whatnot, just have to go up a half size and they fit perfect, as of now I am wearing the puma kings in size 12 (I normally wear size 11/11.5) what size would say I should get for these and do these fit a bit wider than most speed boots?

  9. Hi, I am looking at the v1.11 in the kangaroo leather option, and i was wondering if you would recommend the v1.11 k or the SL? Also, you said that the SL fits better and has a better shape than the normal v1.11, is the leather better or worse than the SL?

    • The leather version of the V1.11 fits the same as the Synthetic version. Both differ to the SL, which has a rounder and more comfortable front shape. I'd choose the SL over the Leather version, just be wary of sizing (which you can find more about the on the SL review)

  10. Is this ofr wide fit?i usually wear predator n if i wear f50 ,my foot wil stand on the edge of the outsole.

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