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Nike T90 Laser in Metallic Blue Released

Nike Total90 laser Metallic Blue

The latest in the line of Nike Total90 Laser III releases comes this tough-to-figure-out Metallic Blue/Volt/Black colorful. By that, I mean the colorway has an interesting kick that you will either love or hate. I think it is the volt yellow on a metallic background that causes mixed opinions. Ultimately, it is performance on the pitch that counts – and if you like this design, you off to a very positive start!

The T90 range is designed for power, and having tested both the regular and Elite version, I can confirm that they serve their intended purpose! The addition of five ‘pods’ that sit right along the strike zone help even out pressure distribution on ball contact. Added to that are the Engineered Microfins, that are designed to deliver an increased level of friction when you contact the ball to create more swerve.

Metallic Blue Nike T90 Laser

T90 Laser Elite Metallic Blue

In terms of buying, Nike offer an Elite version, a regular T90 Laser III and a Strike III. All versions offer their own unique strength and are primarily differentiated by their price tag. The Elite’s obviously offer the complete package, but the Shoot III offer much better value for money in comparison. Picking the right boot really depends on your budget and what type of performance you are looking for. Defenders and target forwards are the two types of players who will benefit most from the range, but they have a broad appeal to pretty much any player position. Personally,the White/Black/Chlorine Blue is still my preferred release in the range.

Available From Version List Price
SoccerBanner Elite – Metallic Blue/Black/Volt $287.99
WeGotSoccerLogo Elite – Metallic Blue/Black/Volt $292.49

*all prices are subject to change over time

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  1. t90s iii's are getting so old, nike needs to stop giving them new colorways and release the t90 iv

  2. I feel like they should have just let the chlorine and white one be the last one that was the best so far, and they should have ended with a bang and then beat out adidas with the laser IV.

    • I just think the IV are terrible looking. I'm not saying its going to be a bad performer, thats to be determined, but it seems like their inspiration came from some of the seriously bad sci-fi movies of the 80s. My $.02 of course.

  3. I've worn my Total90 Laser III once a week for the past 6months, and now the FINS around the fist two pods are detached… It creases between the first two pods and the FIN layer is detaching..
    Performance of the boots are great but durability i question..Did anyone have the same experience?
    And i agree Nike needs to come out with t90 iv soon and hopefully get rid of the problem I had.

  4. I think these are beautiful haha

  5. These cleats blow. They are really thick and bulky. I got these in a 10.5 and put them on a scale and they wieghed 10.2 oz, my ctr elites size 10.5 weigh 9.2 oz. So i dont know how every site says the laser elite are .2 oz (ctr advertized at 8 oz and lasers at 8.2 oz) heavier than the ctr elite and i wonder what size they take the measurements with cause i put my size 10 adizero on a scale and they were 5.8 oz

  6. Does anyone know if the t90 iv will be worth the additional $s? There are a lot of could prices out there on the iii.

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