Thursday , February 29 2024

The Cruyff Match Released

Cruyff Match football boot

If you are need of a pretty exclusive, classic pair of soccer cleats, check out this new Cruyff Sports release – the Cruyff Match. For those of you who are a little younger, Johan Cruyff was one of this most gifted players to ever play soccer and, at one stage or another, you probably tried to replicate his signature “Cruyff turn”!

These boots are constructed with a leather upper and feature some pretty cool detailing, including Cruyff’s signature along the side of the boot. I have a strong suspicion that Cruyff himself was involved in the design process, as they have that old-school, no-nonsense look that reminds you of a boot from the 70’s. There is a Black and a White colorway available, both for €129.95. But as far as I am aware, they are only available to order in Europe.

I have to admit, I had not heard of Cruyff Sports before this morning. This release does not have an overly sophisticated look and I am not sure they will appeal or sell to a mass market, unless of course they truly excel in performance. They actually remind me of something you would find along the Pantofola range, with a similar soleplate and classic looking upper. I don’t have many other details to share on the release, but I have put in a request with Cruyff Sports to get more information. Check out the Cruyff Sports website if you are interested in taking a look at the range.

*Shout-out to Johnny from Ministry of Soccer for the heads-up!

White Cruyff Match

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  1. very classy, might buy as a collector's item, but if i were to go for a classic boot, it would be the blue pantofola d'oro

    • I think that these boots look nice. White version looks extremely similar to my Lotto Stadio Primato K. Nice. I do prefer boots that are slightly more modern though.

  2. I really like the white ones. I think they would look even better with a shorter tongue.

  3. If you want a even better look at these boots have a look at this video of the production

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