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Diadora Maracana RTX 12 Review - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Diadora Maracana RTX 12 Review

Diadora Maracana RTX 12

Arriving on the market several seasons ago, the Diadora Maracana RTX 12 has proven its worth by sticking around and earning a reputation for being one of the most solid performing mid-range boots on the market. This review was actually the second opportunity I had to test a pair, and the conclusion of both reviews is very similar. The only difference is this time I have a broader understanding of the market to give an even better comparison of how they test against similar boots. Diadora sent over a pair of size 9US in the new Black/Fluo Yellow colorway for review.

One of the best things about the Maracana series is their under $100 price tag! Find them currently listed at

Diadora Maracana RTX 12

Breaking In
Knowing these are Diadora boots, I don’t think a play-by-play is necessary on how they break-in! Like every other Diadora boot out there, the Maracana is built around comfort. From the first time you take them out of the box, they just feel right. The K-leather upper feels soft and the soleplate offers plenty of flexibility – what more do you need? After the first training session, where I went straight into using them while cutting and turning, I came to the conclusion that they were game ready. A few days later, I wore them in-game with no problems. Also worth noting is that the leather upper features an anti-stretch lining, allowing the boot to keep its shape for an extended period of time.

Diadora Maracana RTX 12

What Technology is included?
If you rely on “technology”, then look away now as the Maracana is designed with a minimal interface. There is nothing fancy about these boots. Diadora has ensured you get a comfortable fit and a durable boot at an affordable price – including additional technology would leave these boots somewhat off balance. You do get touch control around the front of the boot, that almost has a slightly sticky feel. There is nothing overly dramatic about the region, with its inclusion covering a minimal region of the strike zone. Add to that an anti-stretch and water resistant K-leather upper, combined with a flexible soleplate and you get all around decent package.

Diadora Maracana RTX 12

Diadora Maracana RTX 12

For what these boots have to offer, performance is as good as you could expect, although the basic design does leave you wanting more! They are comfortable, offer decent support, traction is there, the touch control region is effective on the ball, durability is top class – but they just lack that little extra oomph that most players want. As a guide for what to expect, they almost have the performance of something like the Adidas Copa Mundial or the Mizuno Morelia – it is there, but not quiet the same as boots at the top of the market. In terms of how they feel on the ball, again everything is effective. I had no problems striking shots with them, they feel protected so your foot is not taking the full impact of the ball.

Diadora Maracana RTX 12

Design and Fit
Diadora keep things simple with the Maracana range, choosing pretty basic colorways. This Black/Fluo Yellow is probably one of the more out there, with the Fluo Yellow detailing really popping on the primary Black upper. I really like this version and feedback from readers has offered a similar outlook. Other options include a very bright Yellow Fluo/Silver and a unusual White/Lime Green/Black. Diadora also include a tongue that acts as a lace cover. It works really well as the elastic underfoot band sits in place without allowing the tongue to move.

In terms of fit, these boots are true to size in length – about as true to size as you can get. Around the forefoot, you get a very comfortable wide fit that offers some additional give once you factor in the leather upper. Word of warning, they are not exactly a great option for players looking for something narrow.

Diadora Maracana RTX 12

Not too many negatives to report. You simply have to know what you are going into before buying a pair. There is nothing unique about the Maracana, they are simply an effective boot that offer great value for their price range.

At 9.4oz, the Maracana falls into the hybrid range, just between lightweight and heritage. You get the added benefit of a solid heel counter, making them more of a heritage release in my opinion. I enjoyed everything about these boots, and they are without a doubt one of the more low-key, consistent boots you will find on the market. In terms of player position, pretty much every position could sport a pair without any problems. As a winger, I found they were effective, again nothing special about them, they simply do the job! Another very competitive release from Diadora.

(*boots supplied for review by Diadora USA)

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  1. Bryan, hoope you will answer me here: I need some help to choose the size of the adipure sl..i wear US size 11 in tiempo legend III (even after break them in they are a little bit too tight) andI tryed US size 11,5 in synthetic adizero the seemed to fit perfectly (I also tried the adipower in US size 11.5 but they seemed to feel too large and a bit longer, so for adipower my perfect size would be US size 11), what size should I get in the adipure sl? Us size 11 or 11.5?
    thank you 🙂

  2. Bryan,
    Great review. I own a pair of these that I bought a couple of years ago. They are still in great shape and they offer probably the best traction and feel on the ball of any of the cleats I currently own. They only have one major negative for me. I like to pull my boots tight when I play and the spacing on the lower portion of the boot does not allow for much room to tighten them. During games I found that I wanted to tighten them more but was unable too. This was remedied by doubling up my socks but was still a little bit of a nuisance

  3. Hi Bryan…I see lots of these for sale, and at really good prices, they just look great…but are they good for outside turf?
    And, about sizing, I wear a 8 and a half on my morelia classic, what size do you think I'd get?For online ordering…

  4. "Extra Oomph?" Can you explain this part of the review to me? I switched to these from the Copa Mundials, after wearing Copas for over 10 years. They blow the Copas away. Lightweight, electric touch, exceptional traction. It was like going into a Ferrari after driving a Toyota Camry for years. The Copas do have a more "confident" touch in the rain. However, these are Fast and Deadly boots. They are reliable too. They are better than Adidas Adipures and Nike Legends in my opinion, at a fraction of the cost. The Black and Green is stunning, very Roberto Baggio-esque. Highly recommended!

  5. Oh, one more thing, the laces are very long. When wrapped around the middle of the shoe my ankle slipped. I cut them down short and burned the edges. The boot now fits like a glove. For those of you who play in hot, dry weather, with dry grass, these are phenomenal.

  6. Hi Bryan,
    Your review was the best by far. I have one major concern about this boot or any boot you can recommend for me. I have terrible blisters, all over my feet. I have tried different styles from Nike and Adidas, some were more successful then others, but still in need of a cleat that will not give me blisters every time I wear them. I have a wide foot. I was just wondering if this cleat would be good to purchase or is there any other you recommend. In need of your help ASAP. My pre-season for high school starts next week and my feet are already a mess. I am open to any brand, any style, any color. Just anything that will not give me blisters! Thank you!

    • Alex, I strongly recommend going to and using their shoefitr app to find the right boot for you. Basically, you should find the boots you have worn and see where they are causing you problems, then cross reference across a few different pairs until you find the right pair with room in the areas that you need it most!

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