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Hulk to Wear Gold Morelia in Super Cup

Mizuno Morelia Gold

With the Super Cup between Barcelona and FC Porto set to kick off tomorrow, Mizuno has upped its presence by stating that Porto striker Hulk will be wearing a pair of personalized Gold Morelia’s. The boots are designed to commemorate the fantastic season Hulk had last season – top goalscorer in Liga Sagres with 23 goals and a leader in Porto’s impressive treble – the Portuguese League, the League Cup and the Europa League Cup.

This gold version of the Morelia looks pretty sick! I am a fan of the Morelia range and found they offered great performance during testing, but add this tasty colorway and they become even more enticing. Hulk’s version is personalized with details on tomorrows game, “Ian” on the side and Hulk along the heel. “For a football player the most important thing is to play with a light, comfortable boot with strong traction and nobody understands that better than Mizuno,” said the Hulk. “Mizuno have been producing market leading football products for years and I feel very privileged to have played my part in developing those.”

With Mizuno currently exploring the US market, how sweet would it be if you could order a pair of Morelia’s like this and have them delivered tomorrow? Let’s hope that they can make it happen. If you decide you want the opportunity to own a pair of Morelia’s today, check out the Mizuno Morelia site for location/dealers where they can be found.

Alternatively and probably the best way to get your hands on a pair here in the US, keep an eye on eBay listings where pairs are listed every so often!

Mizuno Morelia Hulk

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  1. why is the name "IAN" stitched into his boots?

  2. When I am looking on Ebay, the prices for the Mizuno boots varies a lot (the Ignitus in particular). How do I know which sellers are selling legit boots?

    • Thats the tough part – avoid anything that references "economical" or "replica". And, if the deals seems like it is too good to be true, it probably is!

  3. Pro direct also sells Mizuno boots

  4. they look so classy oh my god

  5. Maybe his kid's name? I noticed Becks had all his kids names on his boots, some players do that.

  6. where can find this shoes in usa ?
    and can i order it ?

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