Saturday , March 25 2023

Puma V1.11 Released in Black/Blazing Yellow

Puma V1.11 Blazing Yellow

The latest colorway in the Puma V1.11 range has been released in a fantastic looking Black/White/Blazing Yellow. Not long after the initial release of the V1.11, this colorway is designed to suit a more simple palette, offering a look that is very reminiscent to the V1.10 Kehinde Wiley release. With several high profile players like Sergio Aguero making the switch to the V1.11 range in recent weeks, there has been a sharp rise in popularity for the lightweight range.

I like Puma’s approach with this release. The overall look of the boot is classy, with the black primary color keeping things clean. Add the Blazing Yellow detailing and there is a pretty sweet pop about the boots that gives them a unique look. The limited edition V1.10 Kehinde Wiley offered a much bolder look, with the basic black tongue cover looking much more effective, in my opinion. Add to that the sweet yellow Puma that sits on the side, and the V1.11 is a much better looking boot.

Black Blazing Yellow Puma V1.11

Having recently tested the V1.11, I can tell you that the boot’s size and shape will cause issues for some players. But those players who find them to be effective will experience a fantastic match and a high performer. In terms of my player recommendations, fast paced players will benefit more. Samuel Eto’o was the face of the initial release and I have a feeling Aguero might follow suit pretty soon!

If you are looking to pick up a pair, have them listed for $179.99.

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  1. Will these be released in the k leather version as well?

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