Saturday , February 24 2024

Lionel Messi Debuts New Adidas adiZero

Messi in adiZero II Lionel Messi sported a brand new Adidas F50 adiZero (the adiZero II) today in Argentina’s clash with Nigeria. We can confirm that they are in fact the new adiZero thanks to the Adidas Facebook page, and Messi capped their debut with a pair of assists – not a bad start!

The look is rather unique, with the colorway coming in a High Energy/Electricity/White. They are definitely bright and pretty easy to spot on the field. Adidas has not mentioned this range or a release date, so this debut seems to be a very unusual strategy. I have a feeling that this is a sneak attack, with Adidas banking on the fact that coverage of the boots is likely to be extensive if they are released without prior knowledge to the media. It could be a very smart tactic once you think about it!

The High Energy/Electricity/White colorway is currently available to buy for $199.

Messi in adiZero II

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  1. wow new ones already crazy about the color

  2. They Look Wakk! from this angle and color is Badd!

  3. I've seen probably all the spy shots on this boot on the web and all I can say is they are horrid. The very first version of the adizeros were great. The original Black/yellow release was pure class. Then they did the tweaks and messed up the stripes and added that stupid graphic on the front toe area, but they still were OK. Now they've turned them into these terrible looking boots. And the opening color is orange and yellow? We don't get the black preds in the US and the first color for the adizero II is Ronald McDonald? Adidas please give us some normal color options. And even this boot in the black/grey colorway I've seen still doesn't look good, it helps it a bit, but not much. end rant.

  4. I think they look pretty cool, it's just an ugly colorway. The blue ones look pretty sweet. Does anyone know if it has micoach.

  5. It would look good on Galatasaray kit. Other than that, the colorway reminds me of a hot dog stand (there was a preset with the same name in Windows that made the screen in those colors)

  6. Horrid colors.

  7. wtf is actually different cuz thy look sweet

  8. Those are sexy

  9. looks like the Adidas F50 adizero prime SL

    • They can't be. They are the leather versions. They don't make any Prime version in leather.

      • Just type "adidas f50 adizero prime sl" and goggle it.

        • Well, those are fake. So that totally voids their existence. And that is going to come up when you type it in to Google because is going to bring the most popular hits. Not the most reliable.

          And with a ton of sites making fakes already, before the shoes even out, Google is going to recognize those sites first, because Google obviously doesn't know that's fake. It's just going to bring up the sites with the most keywords in it.

          Adidas won't be making any SL/Prime version of these in leather. It will be the same set up as the current Primes; their very thin layer of synthetic, with the regular Adizero being available in leather and/or regular synthetic material.

  10. When this version of the adizero will be on the market?

    • End of December/early Janurary is when they will be released. This colorway and a couple more I've seen are planned to be released, with more to come after that, obviously.

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