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Nike T90 Laser IV Review

Nike T90 Laser IV

Innovation is the key word referenced when talking about the new Nike T90 Laser IV! According to Nike, this is a boot designed around power, with the mindset of offering players an opportunity to experience top performance while striking the ball. They are not necessarily a boot that will suit every player type, but being that they have been advertised to a specific market, most players will be aware of what they offer before buying. For testing, I wore a pair of size 9US in the White/Total Orange/Black colorway.

Please excuse the images on this review; it is the first time I have tested the boots before taking pictures!

Nike T90 Laser IV up-close

The Nike Release Event

A few weeks ago, I flew to New York for the T90 Laser IV release event. Not only did we get to test the boots first hand, but we were also given an opportunity to talk to designer, Doug Wilkens – something that proved hugely useful in putting this review together! Full details on the trip.

Breaking In

Smooth – that is the word I would use to define the first session in these boots! The first time I wore them was at the Nike release event, right out of the box and into a game. Under normal circumstances, this is definitely not something I would do but I didn’t really have a choice. Thankfully, they felt fantastic from minute one and they offer what is one of the most natural feels I have encountered in a boot. Having tested them several times, I can pinpoint exactly what provides this experience. First thing is that the synthetic upper folds extremely efficiently with the movements of your foot – it just feels really natural. Added to that, the tongue features a layer of padding that molds very quickly to the contours of your foot!

Since getting back from the event, I have had the opportunity to wear the boots on several other occasions with no problems. One thing I especially like is the sole that Nike employ. It is covered in honeycomb paneling and offers an excellent level of comfort as you play, almost soaking in any impact as you contact the ground.

T90 Adaptive Shield

“The Perfect Strike”

That is what this boot is all about, right? The Perfect Strike signifies Nike’s goal of creating a power boot that maximizes technology through the strike zone. We obviously know that this has been a focus of the T90 series, but how this is rank on this release compared to the others? The answer is very well, with this release offering a distinct improvement on the T90 Laser III, in my opinion. On this release, the strike zone is referred to as the Adaptive Shield, and it is broken down into separate areas.

  • The upper region, or the strike zone, is designed to flex naturally with the fit as you contact the ball while giving you some added oomph.
  • The lower region, or swerve zone, features fins that are strategically positioned and sized to allow for closer feel on the ball while supplying added bend when you need it.

Does it all work? It adds to the appeal of the boot and does have its in-game benefits. One huge positive is how the region really does bend in motion with your foot as you control the ball, making for a really smooth strike. The fins, for me, are one of those additions that really serve a 50-50 purpose. They are ideal when you need an increased level of touch, while they might also add some extra swerve. “Might” is the reasoning for the other 50%, as it is extremely tough to determine how effective the fins actually are. To test it out, I took a speed boot with little added features (the Puma V1.10) and struck some shots. My determination is that it offers a much more efficient strike, with less pressure on the foot. But, in terms of added swerve I am still on the fence.


From comfort to responsiveness, these boots offer excellent performance. From first wear they feel great, while the upper molds extremely effectively to the foot. Again, I appreciate how Nike has developed the adaptive shield in such a way that it really moves in unison with your foot. The soleplate is an interesting one. Nike has remodeled the stud configuration to maximize traction during game without increasing stud pressure. Looking at the blades, you can see how they have been altered with a ridge along the tip. On a natural grass surface they work extremely effectively, but I did find they were a little tricky on artificial turf, where I imagine a lot of people will end up wearing them. It is a slight concern, but definitely not enough to question performance – they are a top notch boot!

T90 Laser IV Side

Visual Design

Being honest here – I am very glad to NOT be a designer, especially when it comes to the visual design of a boot. This White/Black/Total Orange colorway is pretty striking and very noticeable. In terms of reaction, it has been very mixed with players who love them and others who don’t like how they look. I can’t say that they are my idea of a stylish boot, but they are pretty clean. I do have a sweet spot for the Black/Metallic Luster/Tour Yellow version that come with a leather upper. Finally, the majority of the upper is actually covered by the adaptive shield.

T90 Laser IV Soleplate

How do they fit?

Very much true to size and extremely similar length wise to the T90 Laser III. In terms of width, they are roomy and will definitely be an option for players with a wider foot. I also found that they offer really good support through the arch. One other note is the redesigned tongue; it is padded and sits closer to the top of your foot – I found this to be a positive as it allows the area to mold closer and contour more efficiently.

Nike T90 Laser IV after play


Honestly, there are no major negatives about this release! One small concern I have is with the durability of the upper. On turf, it tends to easy pick up a lot of scuffing and does require some attention if you want to keep them in top condition. And of course, some will question the 10oz weight, with Nike focusing on finding the right weight rather than lightweight!


The best thing about this boot is that when I tried to look for negatives, I found it very difficult to come up with any! You get a solid boot with great performance that will suit an aspiring strikers game. They don’t offer the complete package, but that is understandable considering they have been designed and marketed for a specific type of player. Defenders and strikers will benefit from the technology featured in the adaptive shield more than any players on the field. As a winger, they are actually a decent option – but they don’t tick all the necessary boxes. Wesley Sneijder will be sporting them, so I guess they will join the list for attacking mids. Overall, another solid release from Nike that helps the T90 Laser range move in the right direction!

You can get a pair of the Nike T90 Laser IV for $219.99 at ($198 for Goal Club). Alternatively, you can also get them for $198 at WeGotSoccer.

(*boots supplied for review by Nike Soccer)

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The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. wanting these boots even more now!!!!!! i'll wait till 2012, the price will be down by then!

  2. Great review, suprised with the final score! However 9 for style… Don't think so..! When is the adipower sl review coming?

  3. Just wondering. Are they a similar fit as the CTR360 Maestri II? And would the kangalite upper be more durable?

    • Different to the CTR360, mainly because of the Adaptive Shield and it's positioning. Hard to say on the durability question, but I will be getting the KangaLite version in the next few weeks to compare!

  4. I have to say these are an exciting proposition for a rb, cb and rm. How are they weight wise and any thoughts on the sg model, as I'm considering these for this winter?

    • Agreed. Weight wise, I found them to be very balanced. They might not be termed "lightweight" but they still have great feel. Can't comment on the SG too much other than to say Nike's SG soleplate has received plenty of praise from professional players.

  5. Will you be doing a comparison of the laser to the strike & shoot?

  6. Hi Bryan, have this a better touch than de vapor's VII and the adizero's?

  7. now that you know what the traction is like would you say that Rooneys slip up on his PK that you posted earlier was do to bad traction with the cleats?

  8. Hi , in my humble opinion, the upper strike zone is little too high and centered too much, almost make it better for in air volleys compare to ground strikes…does anyone feel the same way?

  9. Are these more comfortble than even the maestris or even adipowers?

  10. Do they still have the memory foam under the strike zone???

  11. Is there a legitimate "AG" version of this cleat?

  12. Would these or the predators be better for a centre midfielder?

    • Probably the Preds, to be honest. But you will see a lot of mids wearing these. I will update the "By Position" posts soon.

      • Thanks! Also, which of the 'power' elements work better, the shot shield or the predator element?

        • Each have their own positive attributes – for responsiveness i would say the Shot Shield but for actual power I would go with the Pred Element.

  13. Awesome review, after doing a fit test with these boots I agree that they are one of the best boots Nike has released in a long time based on fit/confort, weight and style. I am excited to put these boots to the test especially the adaptive shield/power technology.

    Big fan of your site and your reviews…

  14. Which one offer good touch: taurus leather or T90 laser IV upper?

  15. Two things I forgot to ask, are they waterproof and how is the touch in rain?

    • Waterproof – not so much, but the upper does work well in wet conditions, thanks mostly to the adaptive shield.

  16. Is the control good? For me its a major factor

  17. Hello,

    i have a problem with finding the right shoe. My forefoot is wide, but flat and i have a narrow heel. Currently I am wearing the trequartista II(size 10), but i need a boot that is wider around my toes and tighter around my ankle than those. Can you recommend the laser IV or another boot to me?

    Sorry if my English sounds strange, because Im from Germany.

    Many thanks in advance!

    • Tight in the ankle and wide up front, you are looking at something like the Puma V1.11 for a good fit! The Laser IV has a wide fit, but the ankle is normal rather than tight.

    • Your English is very good. I have the same problem, my ankle is normal not fat but my toes need a lot of space. I've tried on many different cleats but I'm not sure I'll ever find anything that gives my toes enough space. So far out of the shoes I have tried, I like the mercurial series and the laser 3s the best. They are wider in the midfoot and just seem to fit slightly better in the toe area, although the trequartista is another good option I'm sure. Also the only way to get more space in the toe area is to get bigger sizes and go with a soft leather. I've tried the Puma v1.11, I really liked the toebox but the ankle and the midfoot area were way too narrow for my feet so watch out for that. Honestly the only way to see if a boot will fit you is by trying it on yourself. Try every kind at a store and pick the one that is the most comfortable shape for your foot. Personally, I'm going to go for the new lasers, tiempos, or maybe an under armour boot. I love adidas but their boot shapes are definitely not made for my feet.

    • i woud get the T90 FG KL the kanga lite version is wonderfull i have the same problem as you do and it has a tigh area at the top of the ankle

    • T90 4 FG KL sorry and i know how u feel i wear a size 12 so finding a comfortable boot is hard

  18. Hi Bryan, what are the main differences between the t90 laser and the strike? Will you be doing a review for the strike? Thanks

  19. Hey Bryan and anyone that can help me out. I;ll give you a little background, me T90 Laser III’s and my CTR 360 Maestri’s both ripped in the same week about half a month ago. I like to half two cleats on hand at a time in case anything happens. Also because the CTR studs are very nice for wet conditions. I’m in a trifle at the moment with a decision. I have a pair of CTR 360 Maestri’s at the moment because i got a new pair of black/gold. The question, should i just get another pair of 360’s and have two? OR, should these be my second pair. I’ve been doing a lot of research but can’t seem to reach a decision and this seems like a place for an answer.

  20. anyone know if there is upcoming new colorway for T90 IV?
    I want to have one but might wait for other color

    • 3 more that i know of for sure. Dark grey & pink. Red, black & white (like original CTR), and royal blue & silver. I just bought this white colorway & they look WAY better in person. I havent worn Nike for a few years but the comfort of these boots alone was the deal breaker. Honestly one of the most comfortable boots around right now.

  21. good review man but i have a question i want to buy these ones and i will like to know if they run true to size? i wear 11 us in predators and i like to use double socks

  22. When it comes to bending the ball i'm sure that skill and technique are more important than having an extra feature on the boot. I'm sure adding anything at all that is supposed to help with adding bend won't hurt.

  23. What are the differences between Nike T90 IV FG Cleat: Powerful precision White/Orange/Black and Nike T90 Laser IV KL FG: Premium construction and touch Yellow/Gray/Black? Such as accuracy, weight, design, performances, etc.

    What is the official weight on the Nike T90 IV FG Cleat: Powerful precision?
    What is the official weight on the Nike T90 Laser IV KL FG: Premium construction and touch?

    What type of material is used such as Kanga-Lite, Kangaroo Leather, Taurus leather, etc on the Nike T90 IV FG Cleat: Powerful precision?

    Why the Nike T90 Laser IV KL FG: Premium construction and touch is made of Kanga-Lite and the Nike T90 IV FG Cleat: Powerful precision not?

  24. Great review! I was wondering should I get these or the vapor 7. Vapor is the best fitting boot I tried as I have wide feet and how will these compare?

    • These fit amazing. I'm considered to have a wider foot myself. I just bought a pair 4 weeks ago. I'd go to your local soccer store & try them on. Of all the cleats i tried, these & the Vapor were the most comfy shoes. I'd say these a tad more comfortable though.

  25. hey just wondering. I’m a goalkeeper and im thinking of getting a adipower predator or this boots.. Which boot would be more suited for me? And also durabilty, which boot is more durable thn the other? I heard that the predator is not that durable but it has a better durabilty rating on your website than this t90. Really appreciate if you could reply thanks.

    • That's not true regarding Predators' durability. Mine usually last at least a year or until I buy a new pair. Can't say the same about the adiPure (3-4 months) or the Umbro Geometra Pro (1…) though. Wish I'd just gotten the new adiPower instead of these two pairs.

      I'm not sure if you really need such fancy boots though, as a GK.

      • it depends on what type of ground you play on. one of my teamates had a pair of the adipowers and they started to ripp around the big toe within 3 weeks of play

    • i would look for a pair of boots made specifically for goalies as these are made for strikers.

  26. How does the strike version fit

  27. How do these fit compared to vapor 7 or laser III?

  28. i would recomend the T90 4 kl instead better colorway better comfort touch and finish

  29. Not understanding the "TOP TEN LIST OF 2011" as you have the T90 as 7th, but on your reviews you have them at one of the top cleats. New CR7's are the top cleat of the year???? What gives?

    • The Top 10 list factors in more than just the review, "As reference, we factored in several different criteria to get to the finished list including overall performance, visuals and the influence each boot imposed on the market."

  30. Is there a review for the KL version somewhere? I've never worn anything (for long) that isn't Kangaroo Leather (or at least similar…)

  31. hey bryan,
    i was wondering how is the durability on these compared to the leather ones?

  32. hey bryan,
    whats the sizing on these like? im a 9.5 in superfly 3s and they are a little snug. i could really use the answer asap please! have a merry christmas

  33. I have narrow feet would these be ok for me?

  34. I have these cleats and i absolutely love them! They fit extremely well and the adaptive shield makes my shot feel so much better. 5/5 for me i would recommend these boots to any player who wants to improve there game.

  35. Nice review men. How do you compare this ones with the kanga-lite version in durability??

  36. I really like the Total 90 Laser IV. I have the Kanga-lite version. It's so much better than the Laser III. Best Total 90s so far.

  37. I have T90 III KL for about 9 months, tried everything, but still have blisters. So I need cleats, that very comfortable. How are these compared to T90 III version? Thanks.

    • These are way more comfy than the laser III they are snug on the heel and fit great around mid-foot/arch area. Also they have more arch support than the laser III. I actualy stretched my arch using the laser III and these are snug all around providing a great fit and an excellent feel on the ball. My latest pair were the adiPredators (white/blue color way) and they fit nicely too recommended for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on a good quality boot. Mine held up extremely well until about 2 months ago when they came apart at the toe. I had them for around a year and they were really nice. I totally recommend the laser IV but the kanga-lite versions as they are more comfortable and durable.

  38. i am about buying the KL version.
    i had bought before 6 months the CTR360 maestri II in size 43, and they were a little bit small to me..

    Which size should i get?

  39. Hey Bryan great review! I have really narrow feet and I was wondering if these boots would be too wide for me. I know you said they are roomy in terms of width but Ive heard loads of people saying that they fit narrow feet really well? Please reply. 🙂 Cheers.

  40. I've had my Nike T90 Laser III for a while now and after reading the review about the Laser III, I will agree that they do give you blisters. My Laser III's still do even after playing with them for 3 seasons.

    My question is: does the Laser IV also give you blisters like the Laser III? Will it give you blisters at all or only when you are first breaking the boot in? I'm curious to know because this will be the deciding factor in my next purchase – Nike T90 Laser IV v Adidas F50 adiZero Trx.

  41. Does anyone know if they produce the Nike t90 laser in the AG version?

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