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Nike Seitiro Hi-Vis Ball Review - Soccer Cleats 101
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Monday , June 17 2024

Nike Seitiro Hi-Vis Ball Review

Nike Seitiro Hi-Vis Ball

With the English Premier League about to enter the busy Christmas period, clubs are preparing to make a switch to the new Nike Seitiro High-Vis soccer ball. November 5th will be the official date when the ball is first used in the EPL, although it has already been introduced in other leagues across Europe (like Serie A). I have had this ball since the Nike T90 Laser event and have had plenty of time to test it to the limit over the past few weeks. There is a lot more to this ball than you think, and Nike has spent extensive time making necessary upgrades from its predecessor, the Tracer. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect from the EPL Seitiro and how it tested.

Initial Thoughts
Having tested the Tracer, I was expecting a lot from the Seitiro. The Hi-Vis look seems to be very effective up close, but there is a difference between holding a ball and dribbling with it at your feet! One aspect I liked right away is the fact that the design is very attractive – put in simple terms, it is a great looking soccer ball! Once pumped up, it has a great feel and as you would expect, the dimples add a little extra grip.

Seitiro Official Match Ball

NIKE RaDaR technology
RaDaR, which stands for Rapid Decision and Response, is a tested standard of visual performance that Nike has extensively researched. The end result is a more visually enhanced ball that allows players the opportunity to make more accurate split second decisions on the pitch. The graphic  blue designs that wrap the ball are extremely easy to spot when the ball is in flight. For me, I found the primary neon yellow colorway offers the most effective look and it does offer benefits as you look to take down long balls. It is certainly not the most important part of a ball, but it does add that little bit extra that all players on the pitch can take care of. And if all players can take advantage of it, it means a better game!

Aerodynamic and Accuracy
There are two aspects of this ball that give it an advanced level of flight characteristics. First up is Nike’s use of a Microfiber Casing that offers a texture right around the ball. This is basically the dimples and is designed to improve how air flows around the ball as it moves through the air. The second thing is Geo II Balanced technology, which utilizes geometric precision and allows for a consistent, accurate and powerful strike no matter which part of the ball you contact. By helping to distribute pressure evenly across the panels and around the ball, you get a much more accurate strike. When you play with the ball, you will notice how easy it is to strike, no matter where you connect on its surface. And it offers a slightly cushioned feel, with excellent rebound right off your foot. Some players who prefer a more solid shot might not like this aspect, it really comes down to personal preference. I did find that the Tracer offers slightly less rebound and cushioning than the Seitiro.

Nike Seitiro dimples

Whats up with the Dimples?
The dimples are part of the micro-textured casing material that is designed to equal the flow of air around the ball as it moves in the air. The ball still feels smooth as you rub your hand over it, it feels like they are “micro” dimples! I personally love their addition and feel it is an area we will continue to see Nike use in the future.

Is there negatives on this one? Honestly, I can’t offer much in the way of negative comments about this ball. It fits the bill perfectly and suits most players on the field. Well, maybe all positions rather goalkeepers who have to deal with player striking solid shots!

There is no question about it, this is the best soccer ball on the market right now! Nike continue to produce the best on the market, and I can see the benefits of using such a ball in the top leagues throughout Europe. A difficult challenge any company faces is finding a way to create a ball that fulfills the requirements of several players but I feel like Nike has found a great balance. You get a terrific feel while striking the ball and it offers great feel as you move with it at your feet. Of course, to get the top ball you need to splash some cash, that is the trade of on this one. If you have the money (around the $150 mark) and need a ball I would absolutely tell you to buy it!

Nike Seitiro

On a final note, check out the video below for a visual demonstration of how the ball moves through the air!

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. you can really shoot…. no wonder why all these boots get high review scores, cause you're really good!

  2. How does it compare to Adidas Finale?

  3. any differences between this and the tracer? is it worth the price difference?

    • There is a difference when you strike the ball. It depends if you like a softer and more centered (Seitiro) or little harder (Tracer) strike.

      • Wouldn't the hardness or softness just depend on how much you inflated it? I think that is the more likely explanation. A little variation in inflation will make a significant difference in feel and hardness of the ball more so than anything else.

  4. Hey, great review. I’ve always liked the visual aspects of nike hi vis balls.

    I have one question though, I play indoor/futsal more than outdoor football and I was hoping you could review a couple of indoor balls, I’m not quite sure which to get and reviews would help plenty of other players in my position. Thanks, and keep on doing a great job. I visit SC101 daily!

  5. But the real question is…
    Whats more interesting? The ball …or getting to see bryan play ??
    haha…Bryan by a land slide in my opinion

  6. HI Bryan,
    I live in canberra and a while ago australia played malasia with these balls. One of them was hit to my friend and he got to keep it. Haven't used it yet though it looks pretty light.

  7. nice video.
    I just love the tracer it's the best ball I've played with feels just right. but I read from other websites that the only difference between the tracer and seitiro is the visuals. apparently not!
    Anyway, I hope you can test adidas UCL ball and the new Europa league ball.

  8. The price of these top end balls is ridiculous. For gods sake, it is literally an inflated rubber balloon with a bit of padding. Absolutely criminal what marketing can make people pay for a ball.

    • There are cheaper options if you want.
      The top end balls are designed for the top leagues in the world, not everyday pick up matches.

  9. How did the ball retain air? I recently purchased a new Tracer ball and it loses most of its air after less than 1 week. Thanks.

    • There is actually a reason why top soccer balls lose air, it actually adds life to the ball! For top brands I would expect you will need to pump them up on a weekly basis.

  10. Hey Brian I have a very important question… whats the difference between these $150 balls and the 25 dollar ones you buy at modells or something ? I play football and xmas is soon so Im debating of buying the seitro.

    • The materials used to produce the ball – which directly affects flight characteristics, in-game performance and durability!

      • Thanks Bryan , you've been my #1 source for anything soccer equipment related. Im a young aspiring footballer and youve really helped… I guess I will ask for the seitro for chhristmas… why not ?

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