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Christmas Extravaganza Event – Get Ready For it!

Christmas Giveaway

Over the past few weeks, I have been thinking about some cool ways to give back to you guys for continually following SC101. I appreciate the fact so many of you visit daily and leave your thoughts and comments on posts, it allows me to continue doing what I love to do on a full-time basis! After much thinking, I have formulated a plan and what will be one of the most awesome giveaway sessions ever!

Basically, I have started picking up new pairs of boots in different sizes that I am going to use for daily giveaways. My target is to have 2 brand new pair of boots or other prizes up for grabs each day for at least a week in December – my ideal goal would be 10 days with 3 pairs up for grabs each day. As it stands, I have 10 pairs purchased – so that covers 5 days. I am also looking for several companies to “sponsor a day” so that they can offer their products for giveaway, negotiations are already in progress!

In terms of entering, it is going to be super easy – although you will need to check the site out in order to “claim” your prize (if you are a winner!) There will be more details to follow as we get closer to December, that is all I am saying for now. I wanted to put it out there so you guys start to get a little pumped for the giveaways to start!

Check out the Giveaway Timetable!

Finally, you can help us out – like this post, leave a comment below, or share it with friends – I will be using your response to encourage companies to get involved and offer up more boots for giveaway! For all the latest updates, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and subscribe to our email list.

About Bryan Byrne

The mastermind behind the revolution that is SoccerCleats101. Bryan started this website back in 2008 and has been testing boots on a daily basis ever since. Check out our About Page for more details on Bryan and the website.

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  1. definitely checking in

  2. I'm a size 11 ;D
    This is great Bryan, I don't think you've been thanked enough for providing soccer players with such valuable information on your website, you have changed my view on soccer cleats drastically in a positive way. A BIG THANK YOU FROM THE SOCCER COMMUNITY.

  3. making this my homepage

  4. Always like giveaways, gives me a chance to try something new. I'll definitely check in, your site has helped me a lot thanks sc101! size 10 btw

  5. thats sweeet!

  6. Bryan, we share the same size! And on a free day I check this about 5 times. All the other guys on the team think its weird how they can point to any guy and I can tell them what boots they are wearing

  7. I am also gonna make this site my homepage… I am looking forward to entering… Nobody enter so I could win…ha ha

  8. btw what boots so far are going to be given away?

  9. That's so nice… And thanks for reviewing cleats bro 😀

  10. thanks santa !!! 😀

  11. better get some new servers; i predict site traffic will increase by about 400% over the next month or so

  12. Wow Bryan!

    This is a great idea! I look forward to the opportunity to try to win a pair.

  13. Sounds awesome!

  14. im pretty sure Bryan is the Premiere boot reviewer i know of. none better than him. but he honestly has not been thanked enough. look at all the money he spends on boots, out of his own pocket. nobody i know is willing to do that for us. Thanks Bryan!!

  15. this is awesome im getting in on this opportunity ill make sure to check every day, hopefully i win!!!

  16. Although I would prefer reviews on a long term period, instead of just how they feel right out of the box, or after a few practice sessions or games,sometimes when I read a review or an article over a new release, newest color,or other brands from overseas..I kind of think what's the soccer stuff you actually keep for your everyday soccer life style..for me would be quite hard to decide, seems nowadays all brands in the soccer business trying to convince people their product is the best in the market,at least thanks to sites like sc101 I tend to make an idea on what can I expect on most soccer cleats before I go out and buy..

  17. Defensive Warrior

    Great. I check this website about 5 to 7 times a day.
    I love the deals and review sections. Seeing Bryan shoot was awesome.
    I'm size 12. Can't wait till December.

  18. I LOVE THIS SITE I CHECK IN SO MUCH. It's gotten me obsessed with boots, lol.

  19. Great idea Bryan! way to reward your loyal readers!

  20. Always looking to try something new

  21. forget thanksgiving, just skip to december! I cant wait!

  22. Bryan Byrne- brining us an objective way to look at cleats!!!

    not appreciated enough

  23. The Adidas outlet stores here in Orlando, FL are selling the Predator X, AdiZero/Prime, and AdiPure in multiple colors for only $80. See if they can donate!

  24. Solid effort mate!! Looking forward….

  25. wow that is an awesome idea! and thank you soo much for giving all these reviews…I’ve always found them extremely helpful when having to decide which new cleats I am getting next. And your site is also really great just to keep up with what cleats are currently new and which ones are the best on the market. I visit your site for those reason every day.
    So really Thank You 🙂 keep up the great work!

  26. this is an amazing Idea! the reviews here ae always great. Im a size 8.5 btw

  27. Hey Bryan tell your potential sponsors that not only do I check the page everyday, I check it several times a day and then forward links to your page to all my family and friends who play.

  28. Good idea, but will this be open for the entire world, or for USA/Canada as usual? I’m Belgian, and i’m an avid follower of SC101. Size 8.5 btw :p

  29. Awesome! a chance to “win” high quality boots. I really do like all of your reviews and they always make me think which cleat is the best for my style of playing.
    I would like to see more reviews of cleats in the middle sector of the price category like the absolion, Strike, V3.11, etc.)

    Keep up the great work

  30. well i hope UK 9 boots are there ;p

  31. Soounds really cool. Thanks Bryan!

  32. This is great!
    I just want to thank you for your work before this event (you definitely got lots of replies today 🙂
    I only find some reviews for legend, mercurial, f50, etc. No other webpage could cover so many different cleats. I recommend several shoes to my friends and they are pretty satisfied. Again, Thank you!

  33. That is awesome! Soccercleats101 is second to no one in soccer giveaways!!!!!

  34. That’s terrific.

  35. Another reason why this site rules for boot nerds like us!

  36. Bryan, you are the man.
    Honestly from your main site that gives so much information and reviews from the website where you had readers do boot reviews and the amount of giveaways you have is amazing… and now this giveaway, its amazing how much you give back to the readers. Keep up the great work!

  37. You should allow postage to Ireland!!!!

  38. that is soo freaking cool totally checking in

  39. Some smaller sizes please?? I've got baby feet (size 8 or 8.5) 😀

    I've had my eye on those new Tiempo IVs (the regular versions, not the elite) for a while now. Would be a brilliant Christmas gift I must say

    Thanks for doing this Bryan!

  40. This reason right here is why I lovethis site. The appreciation of the fans of the site.

  41. YES PLEASE — after studying for two huge exams in college this week alone… this made my week!

  42. Fantastic!

  43. thanks for the reviews and can't wait to get a chance at superflys in my size!

  44. Another reason to love this site.

  45. Bryan, thank you so much for doing this.
    I play on a team with kids who seemingly get a new pair of top-of-the-line cleats every two weeks..the worst (or best) part is, I am a much better player than they are, and I have never bought a pair of cleats that have cost more than $90. To have an opportunity to win a pair of boots which I otherwise could never afford is incredible — I'm sure many other kids are in the same boat as I, and we wholeheartedly express our gratitude.

  46. Get some size 10s haha. great idea and ill be looking forward to entering

  47. has the potential to be epic!!! so amped. honestly, hoping for adipower sl or pele trinity. keep up the great work on the site!

  48. Thanks so much! size 9

  49. Can’t wait!

  50. I really would like to win a nice pair of boots. I can't afford any of the top boots like the super flies or adizeros. How can I win without having a Facebook?

  51. That sounds cool! I found out about this website when I was looking up the best shoes for a striker. Now I look here for other info as well.

  52. Hey Bryan! This website had made me change my thoughts on what cleats I want so many times! Hah but I like being able to come on this website and look at all the different cleats and compare the ones I like. This is a Great site. I'm always looking at your recent reviews. Thanks you and keep up the great work! And I need a size 11 if you have a nice pair lying around 😉 haha


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