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Adidas adiPower Predator SL in Phantom/Warning

Adidas adiPower SL Phantom

The latest and probably most exuberant colorway you will see in the Adidas adiPower Predator SL has been released in the US. These boots were available through Europe a few weeks back and received a reputation as being the ideal footwear to accompany Halloween costumes! Ok, maybe not but they certainly do have an unusual Autumn in to Winter look and feel about them.

The official colorway is listed as a Phantom/Warning/Silver Metallic. The boot design starts out really flashy at the toe, and ends up with a blackout heel. The stud tips also have a unique look, with the front featuring a warning color, while the back are black.

Adidas Predator SL Phantom Warning

Phantom Adidas adiPower Predator SL

I had an opportunity to test the adiPower SL out a few months back with much success. There has been plenty of controversy around this release and whether Adidas has altered too much of it to still classify it as a Predator. Traditionally, the Predator boot has been built around a power zone – this release is designed around the concept of being lightweight, with a much reduced power zone. In essence, it sort of misrepresents what the Predator is all about but I still love the boot. For what they are, the entire package is pretty awesome and they suited my style as an attacking player to a tee. They seem to have the right mix of characteristics to match any player who likes to get forward with the ball.

Price wise, you are again not going to see much movement on the $250 price-tag, so if you are looking for a pair be ready to spend some money!

Adidas adiPower Predator Black

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