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Asics Lethal Stats Review

ASICS Lethal Stats

ASICS are a company that are relatively new to the US market, with only a few boots released for players to choose from. But, what they have done well is create boots to match the expectations of top players! One of those boots is the Lethal Stats, a boot that incorporates Asics HG10MM heel technology and a mixed k-leather/synthetic upper. It makes for an interesting release, and since Asics are a company with a positive reputation for creating top-line running shoes, they need to be taken seriously.

For testing, I wore a size 9US in the Black/Wattle colorway.

ASICS Lethal Stats Profile

HG10MM® technology
It is actually important to start this review by detailing the raised heel gradient, so that you understand my comments in several sections below. In the heel of the soleplate, Asics has raised the boot by 10mm. The idea is that it reduces the angle at which your body impacts the ground, reducing stress on joints and avoiding over stretching muscles right through the leg. You also start at a very different position, almost in a sprinters pose, and this creates an opportunity to increase acceleration from the right take-off position. Through its advertising campaign, Asics focus on the fact that footwear has been stagnant for the past 30 years, and this technology revolutionizes the boot.

ASICS Lethal Stats Heel

ASICS Lethal Stats (b)

How Does It Feel?
In similar fashion to the Lethal Tigreor review, the raised heel is extremely unique and according to Asics ultimately does have its benefits – but you are going to need time to really adjust to what it offers. They felt slightly clumsy for the first few wears and there is a window of re-training that you need to go through. Your standing position is very different and causes you to position yourself slightly more forward than in a regular pair of boots. Even though it is only 10mm, you will notice a substantial difference toward a regular flat boot. All-in-all, I wore them in three training sessions before I even thought about taking them into a game. One area I encountered issues was actually striking the ball, as you end up connecting at a different angle, sometimes a little too far over the ball.

Having said all that, I am very impressed with what Asics are taking on, even if it is a controversial area. If you are up for the challenge of a new type of technology they are worth trying – just note that even after testing, I can’t back-up any of Asics claims about them improving pressure on joints etc. It doesn’t cause any discomfort, but does produce a longer break-in period as you transition.

ASICS Lethal Stats (e)

Once you conquer the heel gradient, there is a lot of positives about the Lethal Stats. You are definitely getting a comfortable boot from first wear and their is no shortage of soft padding. The entire boot feels like a giant marshmallow on your feet. When you consider they weight in at 9.4oz and offer good touch, that marshmallow feel on the inside can only be a good thing!

The region I like most is around the ankle, where the padding sits comfortably against the foot and produces a confident fit. The suede lining through the heel is also another area I like, as it has a slightly rubber feel that grips your ankle, ensuring it really doesn’t move through wear. Asics include their own unique insole that is soft around the toe areas, while providing a firm feel from the midsole down through the heel.

ASICS Lethal Stats (c)

In-Game Performance
The upper on the Lethal Stats is composed of a K-leather through the strike zone, and a synthetic leather called RhynoSkin encompassing the rest of the boot. RhynoSkin mimics the feel of real leather, but holds much better durability. It definitely doesn’t have any visual similarities to real leather and I did find it to be slightly stiff through the first few wears. The benefit of its inclusion is more support through the upper.

What differentiates these boots from the rest of Asics range is the stud configuration, which is designed for top-line traction. On the heel you get 5 conical studs, while there are a total of 13 strategically positioned, and very different studs placed through the front of the boot. It definitely makes them a very suitable option for the “Best Grip of the Year” as I found out through wear! When it comes to turf surfaces, they might actually stick a little too much and it takes time to adjust to it as you twist. But those of you who need or are looking for plenty of stability, they are a great option.

Stud Configuration ASICS Lethal Stats

You get a pretty basic Asics look that has many similarities to most other boots in their line-up. The Black/Wattle colorway I tested offers a very professional look that will suit the no-nonsense type player, or anyone that wants to just get on with playing their game. Another option for players who need something a little brighter is the White/Black/Wattle colorway.

ASICS Lethal Stats (d)

How Do They Fit?
Very much true to size and on par with most other boots on the market. They also offer a decently wide feet through the midfoot, giving you plenty of room for a comfortable fit.

The biggest negative is obviously the adjustment period to start, and to be honest I can’t see the technology working for all players. If you need a boot that works right now, these are not the right choice for you. It is very difficult to give any other negatives about a boot that offers great comfort and performance at a very affordable price range but if you are the type of player who holds visuals at a high level, the Lethal Stats holds a slightly tacky look and they don’t quiet seem like a top-line release.

To be honest, there are quiet a lot of similarities between the Lethal Stats and Lethal Tigreor and I would advise players who are on a tighter budget to stick to the Stats. For those looking to simply find a quality boot the differences between both leaves the Tigreor as the better release! I am impressed with the quality of boot produced by Asics and there is definitely room for them in the market. Players who want a durable and very well protected boot should definitely consider taking a look at what these boots offer – there are not many better value for money options out there. For around $110, they are a bargain! In terms of player position, these fit the hybrid mold and will be useful for all types of player on the field.

(*boots supplied for review by Asics. To note, you might notice some of the content surrounding technology is pretty similar to that of the Lethal Tigreor review.)

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  1. I'm on the fence for this one… for traditional running shoes, raised heels have been an unnecessary mainstay creating potential issues in posture and promoting heel striking. However since soccer is more about fast paced movements that promote midfoot/forefoot striking, it might be better but I don't agree with the perceived health benefits of the shoe.

    Asics has been painfully slow to admit the benefits of zero-drop shoes and this is a testament to that. The boot, raised heels aside do look good.

    • Yeah, it seems strange to me. Of all the markets that would embrace the minimalist shoe movement, soccer would seem to be pretty high up there on the list. So why would they try to force this? I'd be interested to see their market research for this.

      • Asics has been pretty adamant about 10mm being the “optimal” heel height for a while. They conducted a 3 year internal study on heel drop heights a few years back (for soccer, not running specifically though) and they concluded 10mm was best. Unfortunately, no one knows how it was conducted. Because of the lack of transparency, I find their claims to be rather dubious.

        I don’t think locking in on a specific heel height is the solution – it’s a fairly narrow way of looking at mechanics and injury prevention. Whether you’re a runner or a soccer player, all athletes have to find what works for them. For me, I’ve found a slight heel (4-7mm) works best and I’ve been injury-free (had knee problems in the past) ever since I’ve stuck with shoes like that, but I don’t advise everyone to copy my example. I’ve tried the Lethal Stats and the heel height has bothered me enough to not want them. But I won’t dissuade someone from getting them.

  2. Hey Bryan thanks for the review. I’m intrigued by the ASICS stuff…. How does the tongue on this model compare to the Tigreor? It looks HUGE on the LT, wonder if it’s the same on the LS?

  3. I bought these last summer at Dick Sporting Goods, they fit my wide foot quite well, but I would recommend not wearing them on turf or artificial grass, as I turned and rolled my ankle quite bad wearing these shoes in an indoor game. The cleats on the heel portion of the shoe are quite large and grabbed the surface, and when I tried to cut to the left the shoe did not move; instead my ankle gave out!

    I have since switched to Adidas Mundial Turf shoes, the most comfortable for artificial surfaces. I suppose these Asics shoes may work better on outdoor fields with good grass, although those fields are hard to come by here in the good old USA.

  4. I'm an ultimate frisbee player (haven't heard or seen of it? ) and I was wondering if these would be a good cleat for this sport? I've used American football cleats and soccer and I have to say soccer cleats are my choice. Would these cleats or the Asics Tigreor be a good choice or would a different pair of boots be better suited. Thanks for the help.

    • Cameron, it is tough for me to say yes or no, simply because I have never played Ultimate Frisbee and don't know the required movements in relation to soccer cleats! But, I can tell you that these boots keep you on your toes and will probably be useful when it comes to accelerating powerfully off the ground and into the air. And they are a comfortable boot to wear!

    • Hey dude, i am from Venezuela and i do play ultimate frisbee as well, i am also wondering how these boots work on playing that game, i will appreciate any help or advice you guys could give me before i get them. thanks!

  5. It is very difficult to give any other negatives about a boot that offers great comfort and performance at a very affordable price range but if you are the type of player who holds visuals at a high level,

  6. where can i buy the leathal stats

  7. are these shoes available?

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