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Adidas adiPure 11Pro Released


There has been a lot of hype and speculation about this release for several weeks now, but finally the new Adidas adiPure 11Pro has hit the market. In recent past, Adidas has kept things pretty consistent with the adiPure release, but this version strays well away from the norm. Not only has Adidas dropped the weight, but they also re-engineered everything that we expect from the adiPure! On release, you get to choose between a Running White/Black/High Energy and Black/White/Slime colorways.

Reviewing all the changes is pretty extraordinary, and there is no doubting that players will have mixed feelings about the new boot. There is a lot to take in with this release, so it is worth breaking down piece-by-piece.

Black adiPure IIPro

A completely redesigned upper.
A synthetic Taurus leather is used on the front, with a synthetic saddle employed through the 3 stripes on the midfoot for added support. We are familiar with seeing K-leather used on the adiPure series, but with the recent upgrades to their Taurus calf-skin upper, Adidas has changed its direction. I have pointed out on several occasions that Taurus leather has a downfall; durability. Well, Adidas has actually addressed that area and added an ultra thin layer of protection, called Duracoat, to areas of high abrasion. Well played Adidas!

Now featuring miCoach!
As with recent Adidas releases, you now get the benefit of a SprintFrame soleplate with miCoach technology included. This really doesn’t come as a shock and I expect to see all future Adidas releases featuring the performance tracking technology.

More soleplate changes.
On this version of the SprintFrame, you get a new Flexzone (improves flexibility and enhances lateral movement) and PlusFlex (outsole is split below the toes for higher energy efficiency through movements)

Conical studs – goodbye blades.
This could be one of the shock features of the boot. Adidas has re-engineered its traction by introducing dual cushioning conical studs that feature internal anti-shock tubes. They are designed to be more abrasion resistant, while improving surface penetration – improving traction and speed.

Trimmed down to an ultra competitive 8.2oz. The adiPure IV weighed in at 9.8oz.

How much will it all cost?
The boots are scheduled to hit the US market on February 1st, with a retail price of around $150.

Soak it all in – because there is a lot of newness to take in on this release! Opinions are sure to be mixed – there will be a large audience questioning why Adidas has strayed away from the more old-school, traditional boot that offered one of the highest levels of consistency in the game. With the changing climate of the market, I am sure Adidas sought to move progressively forward, ensuring they have the most advanced “heritage” release available for players, before anyone else.

I am personally very intrigued by the release, and although there is a huge feeling of disappointment about losing the more traditional feel of the silo, I am excited to see how the new technology meshes together – and if the conical studs and soleplate stand the test of both artificial and natural grass! Stay tuned for more details on the boot as we get them, and a full review once they are released on the market.

For those of you that want to pre-order the adiPure 11Pro, they are both available on – retail price of $149.99.

Adidas adiPure 11Pro in Black

adiPure 11 Pro Soleplate

White adiPure 11Pro

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  1. I will never acknowledge these as an adiPure release.

  2. White one looks great.. still has the traditional look. I quiet like them.

  3. Had my eye on these for awhile! Really wish I had the extra money to buy them!

  4. Not a fan. Always loved Adipure but I think they took it to far

  5. pretty nice! but idk whats would be better these or ctr 2s ?

  6. An interesting evolution and probably a great boot in its own right, but still puzzling. With adidas' new positioning, 'heritage' no longer fits the adipure silo. adipure is now all about natural movement, hence the flex grooves on the sole and, for example, the new adipure barefoot trainers. That said, adidas needs to make room for a new 'modern-heritage' release, because not everyone who likes old-school looks wants Copas, and these being the only top of the line leather boot going forward is not going to cut it, I'm afraid.

  7. Bryan, what did you mean “dual cushioning conical studs”? Is something like Nike Superfly adaptive studs? I am curious how they works. There is still normall normal conical studs or they r all “dual cushioning conical studs”?

    It will be interesting if there is smt like this in AdiPower. We will see the next version AdiPower2012:)

  8. I'm very interested in the studs, since the studs are the primary reason why you buy cleats! When I wear the nike ctr360 or when i wear the nike laser 3 elite WC, and when I had the puma v1.10 sl, I could feel the ball through the studs, although the sl studs are practically foam and faded away in 3 weeks. When I try to wear adipowers or adizero's the studs feel hollow, and I can't seem to get a feel of the ball through them. I wonder if these would be better, and if the shock absorber would help ball feel through the outsole. Although I won't get these unless they are on crazy sale, I don't buy cleats unless they are.

    • From what i can tell, there's a layer of some type of cushioned material sandwiched between the stud itself and the soleplate, which allows the stud to give a little bit on impact.

  9. I like these. The heritage label has held companies back from incorporating new tech into their boots. I'm gonna pick myself up a pair when they hit the shelves

  10. I think the problem is there is still a big market for heritage boots. Does this mean they're leaving it?

  11. I think you're all missing the point – Adidas is using cheaper materials – cow not kangaroo, lighter, therefore cheaper through less materials, soleplate and upping the ante to $150 and even more on the SL version – and probaby made in Indonesia by really cheap labour (no didn't say exloited) said cheap – Copas still KL made in Germany and $50 cheaper!!!

    Do they think we are all stupid???

  12. Shouldn't it be adiPure VIPro? Wonder where they're getting the 11.

  13. Hi Brian,
    I was wondering if you will receive and review the Predator LZ before they hit the market in May/June… I just received the Adidas catalogue of fall 2012 and I was thinking of buying a pair, but as always I’d like to read a review from you beforehand. I’m wondering about the sizing before all, as they are in synthetic, I don’t know if I should go down half a size like in the F50…

    Thanks !

  14. i own the whole adipure line and just picked these up, people complain about it not being K-leather but the taurus feels very nice and more durable than the previous adipures, next to the adipure IIIs these are amazing, the conical studs is a huge plus, and the duracoat really does protect it from ripping and it absorbs scuffs, i was on the fence about these and the tiempos, but when i tired these on, they felt soft enough to start playing right away, i recommend this boot to any player, even forwards like me. (:

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