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Adidas F50 adiZero – Lionel Messi Ballon d’Or Edition

adiZero Ballon d'Or
In light of winning the FIFA Ballon d’Or award for the third consecutive year, Adidas has created a personalized pair of F50 adiZero to celebrate Lionel Messi’s unique achievement! You might have caught our sneak peak yesterday, well here are released images of the Royal boot. There is no doubt Messi is a living legend and he thoroughly deserved to win the award once again. As many of you will agree, there are not many better there are not many better gifts than a personalized pair of boots – and this official Gold/White/Flash Red is all Messi!

Ballon d'Or Soccer Cleats

Gold adiZero Ballon d'Or

There are plenty of details on this boot that represent Messi’s achievements starting with a leather upper, which is his preferred choice. On the inner side of the boot, you will find “FIFA Ballon d’Or player of the year” and “Gracias A Todos” imprinted just below the Adidas signature 3-stripes. The outer side of the boot features a very, very smart integration – there is a year listed on each of the 3-stripes, signifying the years Messi has won the award! And just below that, you will find Messi’s new logo. The heel features an Argentinian flag, representing the pride Messi has for his country.

For those of you that want to see the new boot in action, you won’t have to wait long – Messi will be sporting them this weekend as Barcelona take on Real Betis. For those that want to buy an exact replica pair, I am afraid you are out of luck – Adidas has created a one off for Messi only (as it should be!) although you might be able to replicate a similar look using miAdidas.

Messi Ballon d'Or adiZero

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  1. miAdidas allows you to create a full gold boot!

  2. That has to be the coolest boot I have ever seen in my life, what an absolutely amazing idea.

  3. Adidas has created a one off for Messi. #barcalona #lionelmessi

  4. ironically, these boots are perfect match for the Real Madrid home kit… but i did not like it.. too much gold for me. It would much better if only the stitching, logos and stripes were gold and the base was white.

  5. these are ugly as shit

  6. can we buy this ?

  7. horrible, no taste

  8. shouldn’t be all haters they’re made for Messi not you, his style not yours so back off. They’re pretty sick by the way.

  9. They're so cool. I love them. Wish there were ones on sale 🙁

  10. messi is the best player ever, fitting that he has the best cleats ever

  11. nice cleats messi best of the year

  12. messi is the best player ever the way he juked out all those people

  13. Actually you can customize these shoes exactly the same way on it look exactly the same

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