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Lotto Futura 100 Review - Soccer Cleats 101
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Saturday , June 15 2024

Lotto Futura 100 Review

Lotto Futura 100 Review

Another one of Lotto’s releases in the 2011 series was the Futura 100, a boot built around the ideals of speed. At 9.8oz, it doesn’t feel right adding them to the speed category, but everything about them is geared toward players who want traction and top acceleration out of turns. You get a full list of Lotto technology including a reActive arch and Twistn’Go, mixed into a water repellant, synthetic microfiber upper. This colorway – Dark Mandarin Orange – is full-flavored and ideal for players who want something just a little different. The pair tested came from Lotto in a size 9US.

Breaking In
Like other Lotto releases, the Futura is packed with technology through the soleplate – but that isn’t exactly a good thing! Starting out, the upper and the soleplate are slightly stiff and take a few sessions to break-in. Lotto use a microfiber synthetic upper and although it is extremely soft, it needs time to loosen up and crease in the right regions. I noticed over time that several folds started to form and still exist on the boots when you bend them. As for the soleplate, PuntoFlex technology has long been a proven addition to Lotto boots, but I have found it to be a little tougher to break-in on recent releases. Overall, I spent 3 training sessions with them before the first game, which when it came worked out pretty well.

Mandarin Lotto Futura

Design and the Colorway
Lotto is definitely a company that likes colorful releases and this Mandarin Orange colorway is about as distinctive as you can find! It is actually an off-beat metallic style design that is very easy to spot in game. There are other colorways available, but they are less readily accessible.

In-Game Performance
For players who want a synthetic upper and a boot built to give you plenty of creative freedom, these are a solid option. The microfiber is soft and offers about as good a touch on the ball as you will find on boots in their price range. Since they are built for speed, there is no touch/control component to take advantage of but it is not necessary for their intended purpose. In terms of technology, there is a lot to cover (see below) but it does all eventually come together to offer a useful final product, pending you take advantage of it! One of the most positive aspects of the boot is the level of durability you get from them, they really are designed to last through a full season and longer! The upper and soleplate are cemented very effectively and the microfiber itself is designed to withstand plenty of action. Even though they are a heavier speed release, they are probably one of the most durable speed releases available!

Lotto Futura Soleplate

Lotto Technology
There is a bag load of technology on this release (as well as most other current Lotto releases). The sole features Twist’nGo, PuntoFlex and ReactiveArch while you also get a Reactive Insole. To save some time, here is the Lotto terminology for each feature:

  • Twist’nGo is the first pivoting stud to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Puntoflex is a special technical device in the soleplate which allows the foot to flex correctly and gives an excellent elastic return.
  • ReactiveArch is a new sole that flexes and moves in unison with the natural deformation movement of the transversal arch in the forefoot. It favors the subsequent elastic return (energy return) of the forefoot.
  • ReactiveInsole offers an exceptional return memory and flexion channels for perfect synergy with the ReactiveArch technology. The ridges positioned on the upper part of the insole provide arch massage which aids circulation and the absorption of lactic acid.

Does Twist’nGo Work?
The most common question I get with Lotto boots surrounds the use of Twist’nGo technology – or the stud that turns at the top of the boot. The concept is that the stud has the ability to spin as it penetrates the surface, which makes sense and there doesn’t seem to be any negatives to its inclusion. In reality, it is tough to tell how effective it is in game and for the most part your turning action will involve both front studs – I don’t normally do ballerina turns!

Lotto Futura 100 Upper

Upper Lotto Futura 100

Futura 100 Soccer Cleat

How do they fit?
Length wise, you will find the Futura 100 fits true to size. I tested a size 9, which gave me just enough room to be comfortable. Width wise, they are slightly thin and not the choice I would advise for wide fitting people, especially through the heel. They close in very snug and will make for an ideal option for players looking for a medium wide fit.

At 9.8oz, they are a very sluggish boot to be deemed a speed release – but they are durable, so I guess that is where a trade off lies. A second negative is the initial break-in period that takes longer than your regular boot. That has a lot to do with the technology used in the soleplate. Ultimately, it is tough to criticize a boot that currently falls into the $70-$80 price range, where it currently lies. They are not the best boot in terms of performance, but they are very durable.

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The Skinny Summary
Highlight: A more durable boot designed for speed, using a soft microfiber synthetic upper and a ton of Lotto technology in the soleplate.
Category: Deemed to be a speed boot, but I see them more as a hybrid that is useful as a long-term option.
Weight: 9.8oz of raw speed, or maybe not so raw speed!
Would I Buy Them: As a durable, synthetic, affordable boot, they are a good option. But at their full price, I’m not sure I would spend the extra money on them.
Player Position: Wingers and forwards will benefit most, but I see them being a good option for defenders who want a speed boot with decent protection all around. As worn by Luca Toni.

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  1. I’m very interested in comparing this review to your forthcoming review of the turf version of the 500s. I wish you had also gotten the cleat version of the 500 so we could see your thoughts on those too. They seem very similar, especially the upper and are just lacking all that technology in the sole area. Maybe it makes them break in easier, more like a regular boot. They seem like a crazy good deal at $30 right now.

    Also I have been using the artificial turf version for indoor and have been very happy with them, especially for the price.

  2. Thanks for reviewing these. Would you wear them again….? Lotto does make decent leather boots but I am not sure about these.

  3. love your ballerina turn.

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