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Puma King Finale SL in Black/Rosso Corsa Released - Soccer Cleats 101
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Sunday , June 16 2024

Puma King Finale SL in Black/Rosso Corsa Released

Puma King Finale SL Black

Puma has released the second colorway in their new King Finale SL range, and this version has a slick, contemporary look to match their lightweight status! Officially listed as a Black/Rosso Corsa/PUMA Silver, you get the distinct feeling that Puma is looking to gain some mainstream fans who prefer to keep things a little more traditional. It is a smart move and I am sure it will attract a whole host of fans who have been distracted by some vibrant recent releases.

For those who have not checked it out yet, we posted the first and most comprehensive review of the Puma King Finale SL a few weeks back. Without spoiling it for you (go read it first) I can tell you that Puma does a fantastic job of mixing heritage with lightweight. It is a tricky move that realistically could have backfired on Puma. Upon release, players were wondering why Puma would tinker with a tried and trusted formula – but they seemed to have pulled it off effectively.

In terms of retail, the SL comes in around the $220 mark.

Black Corsa King Finale SL

I did have one primary concern with the boots, and that was related to stud pressure. Because the soleplate and insole are thinner than you would find on the regular King range, you have less to keep your feet feeling cushioned. And as a result, I noticed some stud pressure while wearing on firm ground surfaces, toward the front of the boot. One remedy is to replace the insole with one that is more padded, but ultimately it did not cause enough problems for me to stick them away in the closet.

In-game performance is where the King Finale SL really excels! Once you get them into a game in the right conditions, they are a beauty of a boot. I am a fan of the heritage/speed mix and I feel like Puma has matched the properties of both to a perfect balance. The soft K-leather upper is especially impressive as it offers a fantastic natural feel and touch on the ball.

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King SL Black

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  1. These look really good. I’m after a new pair of all Kangaroo leather cleats. I only play on outdoor real grass. Would these be a bad choice for a central defender?

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